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Saturday, 19 July 2014

soaking wet

well as the title suggests we have had an awful lot of rain here at norbury today.
we had 3 day boats out this morning, they all turned up late....obviously watching the weather. it dried up a little bit around 10.30 and they all returned on time and without issues.
we also had 3 hire boats return back to us this morning, all had a great time, no issues other than the weather was too
we have turned 2 boats around today....summer wine and princess and we have also seen out python, phoebe, phantom, ember and wharf cottage.
the weather has been absolutely horrendous. denise has been on holiday this week which has left sylvia in the tea room, jess, mrs handbag and mandy cleaning. i had to go out and give a hand yesterday with all the washing and today with stripping and making beds. customers have been watching the weather and we have booked 3 boats for today this week so we have had a very busy day along with wharf cottage.
i have cleaned the shropshire star this morning as it has returned from a fish and chip cruise last night, ready for a 3 hour cruise at 3 pm, return at 6 pm then mandy has cleaned it and it has gone out this evening at 7 pm for the fish and chip cruise.
mick (handbag) has turned all the boats around today, bernard has done all the engineering and peter has done all the internal checks on the boats and wharf cottage.
when i left the boat this morning i realised that i had left my hooded jacket at work yesterday, i borrowed marks jacket to keep my back dry and put a carrier bag on my i was the laughing stock when i arived at work....i was dry....but i don't know why i bothered with the hood later, it was so muggy, my hair was soaking wet....phil decided he was going to towel dry it, i asked him not to do it as i didn't have a brush, he decided to style me with a comb....pmsl, my hand soon shot through my hair.
all in all we have had very, very busy day here at norbury today....until next time....byeeeeeeeeee ange.

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