Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 31 July 2011

don't blink

simon, very rivetting blog honey, you'll have everyone glued to their computers lol !! you even went home early, before me anyway, even if it was only 20 minutes. i'll elaborate a bit for you. we had 2 dayboats go out this morning, 1 party all dressed as pirates and never been on a boat before, they did look the part, long hair, eye patches, black teeth and pirate hats and they had a fab time, both boats returned on time and without any issues :)
the tea room has been very busy today which has kept jay, jack and lorraine busy (and me for part of the day) we have had a lot of cyclists in today as usual including my hubby mark who has just bought himself a new bike and started to cycle to norbury on a sunday morning and enjoying a bacon sandwich and a mug of tea and sitting outside for a while saying that he has forgotten just how nice it is at norbury, (don't know how long he'll keep it up for). lorraine and i have been taking it in turns running over to the laundry to put another load of washing into the washing machine and tumble drier (3 washers on the go today) and a service wash from ira and carolyn off albion as they have returned to their mooring today after being away for a couple of months. not only have i been over to the laundry doing washing but everytime i went over there i came back with boxes of ice cream that we keep in the freezer over there, simon i'd like a pound (£) for every ice cream we've sold today, and it's funny we probably sell more ice cream and lollies in the last hour than we've sold all day.
the wharf has been very busy today with diesel and pump outs, simon wanted to teach me how to do a pump out:( i said i was busy in the tea room thanks, so bless he has done them instead thank goodness x, i don't know how to do them and neither do i want to thanks.
i think that's it from me today before i get into too much trouble, speak soon, ange.

Short and sweet

Its Sunday its been hot and its been busy!!


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Its turnaround day!

Saturdays are turnaround day for our hire boats, it does seem to come around quickly although I don't always see them as its usually my day off but this week I am in because David is on his holidays, The sun was out early this morning and it was a stunning start to the day, when I left for work however there was a slight nip in the air, it did go a bit over cast as the morning panned out but this afternoon turned out to be a glorious day and remained the same for the rest of the day which is good for the new holiday makers, All of the boats returned without incident and we saw three day boats out for a 'jolly' first thing, the hire boats have all gone off for another week or so except one boat who's occupants were running late so we have to do that one in the morning, I do hope the weather stays fine for them all.

After all of the boats were turned around Fred, Ralph and Billy started to strip the contents out of a boat that has just been bought and will be up for sale shortly, its amazing just how much stuff is left on boats by their previous owners, some of it is very useful and some is total rubbish but it still needs to be removed. Billy and Ralph did a great job of showing all of the customers out on the boats so they are all off for a nice weeks cruise, Micky did a few jobs around the yard and tied up a few loose ends on some outstanding jobs, Graham carried on butchering while Bernard finished off the stern gear job.

The day boats all returned on time and without incident and everyone had a fantastic day, Freddie turned them around and they are ready for another day out tomorrow.

That's it from me for today.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Grey Friday

The good weather broke last night and it became overcast and this morning it started off a grey old day, it has even tried to rain on and off through out the day, we have had several shared boats turning around today, several services to complete and some engine mountings to replace on one boat, that has kept Bernard and Mick busy today, Graham has been kept bust hacking the steel work around on Pheasey as well as welding the new stern tube assembly in to the boat on the dock
and Fred has been up to his usual antics with pumping out all of the boats, he did have to have a sit down today as he wasn't feeling to clever, He was alright after a kip!!

As well as the usual turnarounds we have had two day boats go out, a delivery of batteries, a breakdown on a diesel heater, a full tea room and loads of people in for diesel and wharf services, Cheryl has been reorganising the chandlery and making some improvements, its looking much better! Lorraine has been doing a bit of everything in the shop and in the laundry, Angela has been beavering away with paperwork, I am sure she is boggle eyed at the end of the day, Amy has been cleaning boats all day and I have been doing paperwork(yawn)

That's it from me for today, it will be me again tomorrow as David is off enjoying himself at the National rally in Burton on Trent.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Early start

I thought that I would start the blog quite early this morning as I was in early and it is nice and quiet, I sat at home this morning and looked out and I can honestly say that it was a stunning morning, there was due on the grass giving it a silvery appearance and a slight mist just hovering on the fields but by the time I left home the sun had well and truly started beating down its rays and it had all gone, the sun is beating down on Norbury as I write this part of the blog and the sky is blue over Norbury, its gonna be a nice day!

It was a slow start this morning, it was very quiet on the wharf until nearly lunch time but the sun has bought the people out and the tea room has been busy ever since, the wharf has remained quiet though which has given Fred the chance to catch up on some maintenance around the yard and on some of the kit that we have, one job that he hates doing is repairing punctures, you would not believe the amount of punctures we end up with in trolleys and wheel barrows, they are used by customers who want to carry some heavier goods to their boats if they are not on our wharf, I reckon they must clock up a few hundred miles every year carrying batteries, gas, coal and the like, so they need looking after. Fred has had no boats to black today as we have a boat on the dock for a new stern tube assembly so that has kept Bernard busy for most of the day, while graham has been hacking and cutting on Pheasey, Graham had to leave early today as his little girl needed to be rushed in to hospital, I do hope she is OK.

I popped up the moorings today and I am really pleased with how they are looking, I have to say that they are going to be superb when they eventually get finished, I am not complaining about the time scales because it is such a big job, it will just be nice to see the whole thing finished though!

That's about it from me for today, so until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

And what the hell happened to Wednesday?

I thought that yesterday was busy, well after today I was wrong, We have been that busy that we have had to have a mid week diesel delivery! That is a first this year, we have another delivery booked for Friday so don't worry we wont be running out!

We have docked two boats today, one for survey and one to have a complete stern tube assembly fitted as the old one was well and truly past its sell by date so that has kept Bernard and Fred busy up until lunch time, Graham has been busy hacking Pheasey around, Pheasey is a little boat that we are doing a lot of work on at the moment, as well as blacking, modifying most of the steel work we have to give the boat a full paint job so that will keep everyone occupied for a while, as well as that job we also have several other jobs currently in progress, Mick is on his two days off and when he gets back he will finish the wiring on Cornish, that will make Nigel (the owner) a happy boater! The girls in the Tea room have worked their cotton socks off today and the the shop has been buzzing all day with folk enjoying ice creams and sitting around on the wharf watching the action, well that's if you can call boats going by at 3mph action?

That's it from me for tonight so until tomorrow

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What happened to Tuesday?

It started off this morning looking like it was going to be a quiet day, How wrong was I? I looked up and it was lunch time, I grabbed a very quick sandwich made by Jay who hasn't been quite as busy today as the girls were yesterday but he has been kept busy by sorting out some really good 'specials' for the menu, It has been a very productive day, we have booked a fantastic amount of last minute deals on our day boats and especially our hire boats, I have even sold another boat today, Costafortune has now been sold to a lovely couple from Devon, the boat is staying with us for a while so they can get used to boating on the canals. Over the last week we have had a fantastic run on selling boats and believe it or not we have sold four boats in less than a week, we are seriously running out of boats to sell.

The weather has been kind to us today as well and it has been sunny all day over Norbury with not a cloud in the sky, I had a busy night last night,I had to drop Matt and Nat down to Shardlow to collect a boat, while there I decided to take the boat around the Trent and on to the lower part of the Trent and Mersey canal, It took a bit longer than anticipated and I didn't get home until well after ten o'clock last night, still I did enjoy cruising on a part of the canal that I haven't visited for many years, I was amazed as where ever you seem to go nowadays there seems to be a new marina that has sprung up, I am not sure when the marina was built down there but I don't remember it when I last boated down there around eleven years ago! The boat went reasonable well and has a gorgeous traditional Russel Newbury engine that sounds absolutely lovely, it will be a boat going up for sale when it returns so if you are looking for a cheap boat which needs some love and attention but has a sound beating heart that has only done 350 hours! yes I did say 350 hours, The boat has a superb spec, and even has a built in diesel generator, albeit it needs a lot of sorting!

Just looking at the clock and it is now four o'clock, I have been writing this blog for ages on and off, I still have plenty to do today before I head off for a quick meeting after I lock up tonight so that's it from me for today.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Summer has started at last

It feels like summer has finally arrived, well it certainly felt like it today, not only has the sun shone all day but also it has been manic all day, we have hardly stopped to take a breath, There has been a steady flow of customers on to the wharf, our diesel has certainly taken a battering and the wharf has kept both myself, David and Ralph on our toes!

I was down in Southampton this weekend and it was the same down there, the solent was packed with boats, at one point you could hardly see the horizon for sails, it was a fantastic sight, it was like a giant pond full of toy sailing boats, I would not like to be the skipper of a large container ship or a cruise liner trying to navigate through a sea of little sailing boats all darting in front of you, at least with the canal you only pass one another in a straight line, you don't often have to take evasive action to avoid a collision!

I have hardly seen the lads today as they have all been up to their respective necks in and on different boats around the yard, they have all been really busy, Cheryl has also been really busy but she has had the help of Nat over the busy period today; David is off on his holidays again from tomorrow, he is off boating down to the National rally at Burton on Trent so I suspect that Angela and I will be busy while he is away sunning himself.

That's it from me for today as I need to be away on time tonight as i need to drop Matt and Nat off to collect boat that is coming up here to be put on to brokerage so until tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

NWF at Burton on Trent

The sun has definitely brought the crowds out today, in their flocks! Pam has been in again today and along with Lorraine, Jack and a helping hand from Ange they have done a superb job at manning the Tea room.

We had three day boats out this morning, who all thoroughly enjoyed their trip in the wonderful sunshine.

Mick and Ralph got on with their normal Sunday duties of seeing the day boats out and then docking a boat which Ralph has now pressure washed ready to be blacked.

Well that's it from me for a bit. I will be heading off to the National Waterways Festival at Burton on Trent after tomorrow evening with a pair of working boats called Clover and Fazeley ready for the event next weekend. The last time I was in attendance at a National with this particular pair of boats was back in 2001 at Milton Keynes and also the previous (Millenium) year at Waltham Abbey (see if you can spot me in this video!). So, if you are visiting this years event, please pop by and say hello (I'll even let you buy me a drink haha!). Unfortunately we (Norbury Wharf Limited) won't be exhibiting at this years event, but I won't mind talking shop, so if you need a question answering about the services that we can offer you and your boat, please do not hesitate to ask - I'll be only too willing to answer.

Bye for now!



Saturday, 23 July 2011

It's been a busy old day

I've been spending some time down in Tamworth recently, no not on dry land, but on a friends boat. Last night was no exception and when I left there at 6am this morning the sun was out and the day looked promising. By the time I got to Cannock I was driving through thick fog and limited to about 30mph to allow at least some visibility. I arrived back at home and took Annie out for her morning walk and got sorted for work. By the time I arrived at work the fog was starting to lift and soon later the sun was shining over Norbury too. We've seen a bit of cloud, but in the main the weather has been an improvement compared to the last few weeks...

As I have already said in the title of this post "it's been a busy old day" here at Norbury. We had three day boats out first thing this morning and we've turned around nine boats today, which has kept everyone busy. We had to call in extra staff to cover today, so regular customer's will have been pleased to see Pam back again in the tea room. Bill has also been in this afternoon to help with show rounds.

The new owners of Andari have collected her today. Talking about brokerage boats, there has been alot of interest today.

That's it from me today.



Friday, 22 July 2011

Action packed day

We've had a good day today - five boats turned round without a hitch, new occupants in for the weekend in the holiday cottage and two boats sold. Yes! Two boats sold. We are fast running out of boats for sale, so if you have a boat to sell remember that our brokerage fee is just 4% + VAT - give us a call to discuss...

Graham has been fitting a new middle pipe (that's the flue from stove to the collar on the cabin top) to a private boat. They are a lovely couple who have even made scones for Graham to take home to his family. Bernard and Fred have been up to their normal Friday and daily duties, whilst Mick has started on an electrical job that we have got in.

The sun shone until just after lunch, when the heavens opened and the rain's been on and off since then. It's threatening to rain again as I write this, but I understand that the weather forecast is good for this coming week :-) We've got a busy day planned for tomorrow, so lets hope that the rain holds off then - although I suppose that we need it to top the reservoirs up.

I heard news of a good friend of mine that is currently on holiday in France, unfortunately her little girl has developed Chicken Pox which has delayed her planned return for tomorrow. I hope that Moo gets better soon and the health authorities let her fly home before I am off on holiday on Tuesday, or I shan't get to see her before I go :-(

We have got a few slots left in the dry dock for docking and blacking during August and September. If you want to take advantage of "giving your boat a day out at Norbury" please give Simon or myself a call and I we will offer you a deal that you can't refuse!

That's it for today, catch ya tomorrow...

Best regards,


Thursday, 21 July 2011

me again

hi all, it's me again, ange, no one has written the blog today :( so i'll write it.
i haven't got a clue what has been going on at norbury today as i have been on my day off, i have played 18 holes of golf and lost 1 ball, surprised i didn't hit someone with it, i was in the bunker on the 13th hole from a brilliant tee shot, we have to give 50p to charity if we land in the bunker:) used my sand wedge to hit the ball out and it went straight through the hedge on the far side of the green:( lost the ball, there were too many nettles and mark got stung trying to retrieve it so we left it where it was, i just watched him trying to find it, i didn't lose a shot though cos i cheat, nice par:), got back and walked dylan our cuuuuute basset hound and then we all enjoyed an indian for tea, then put feet up to watch the soaps, what will happen to james on corrie, you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out, that's it from my day, fred webster look forward to seeing you on saturday ;)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The weather has been much better today, I hope it stays like this for the weekend, I haven't seen the forecast yet but here's hoping! I am off this weekend, well I am actually off on Thursday night down South to do a bit of boating down there for three days, I never quite get away from it though as when I return on Sunday I have to drop off on the Way to look at another boat that is coming up here to be sold!

Its been a busy day today, well this mooring has been, I have not stopped all morning, it did go a bit quieter this afternoon which gave me the Chance to p,lay catch up and walk up and look at how Steve is getting ion with the moorings, they are looking great! The lads have all been busy today, Fred and Bernard un docked Cornish first thing and then docked Dot Number 6 for blacking, Bernard then carried on with the engine service on Cornish amongst other small jobs on the boat, Nigel who owns the boat is having a few jobs done on it to improve it so Micky will be next on to it to re locate its instrument panel and a bit of wiring, Bernard then went on to a poorly boat with fuel dilution that is overheating, it also needs a new air duct fitting to it but that will be a job for Mick, Freddie has been pressure washing and pumping boats out while Matt has been painting and Graham has been grinding and putting the final touches on the re cabin job, He promises me that it will be finished this week, Angela as always has been beavering away at her desk as well as flitting around the shop and Lorraine has been busy all day in the kitchen. I have mentioned before that Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are our 'thin' days when it comes to staffing levels so we do tend to feel the pressure a bit More on them days if we are busy!

I dont know why but I feel Knackered today and cant stop yawning, an early night is called for I think.

That's it from me for today

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tumultuous Tuesday

I have not stopped all day and when I have stopped for a minute someone has demanded my time, it has also been a loud day, there has been someone in and around all day making a row of some sort, roll on home time and peace and quiet, I am not moaning at all as it makes the day go nice and quick but it will be nice to have some peace and quiet tonight. The weather has been a little better today, at least it has rained on us.

I have sold a boat today so Andari is off the market and they want to keep it here, I have also taken some dock bookings and some bookings for next year, Angela has been busy with customers and playing catch up with paperwork, Cheryl has been kept out of mischief in the tearoom, what ever she has been doing it has smelt rather nice, I cant wait for my dinner now when I get home, Mick has been out on a private breakdown amongst many other jobs on boats around the yard, Bernard has been down in the dock all day welding and engine servicing, that leaves Fred, the delightful Freddie, he has been a pleasure today, blacking boats, pump outs, diesel and totting around the yard, Matt has been painting all day and he will be putting the final touches to that job tomorrow.

That's it from me for today so until tomorrow

Monday, 18 July 2011

Miserable day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its supposed to be July, sunny, hot, lots of scantily clad ladies around basking in the hot weather, but no! its raining! its cold! is miserable! no boats, no scantily clad ladies! What is going on? When I got home last night from down South the fire was lit, Its July? I drove all the way in the pouring rain, it rained all night long and it has rained on and off all day and it looks like it is going to keep on raining all night, I suppose it is called a typical English summer!

We have been busy today despite the poor weather, The tea room has been quiet and we aint sold many ice creams but in general me and David have been kept busy all day with customers and staff and general enquiries; poor old Graham has had to dodge the showers today while welding the last bits of cabin, Micky has been doing some refurbishing on our pump out machine, attending a breakdown and sorting three of our boats out ready for the weekend, Matt has had a cushy job out of the rain in the painting dock, Ralph has been blacking, doing pumpouts, dodging the showers (it has saved him watering the plants at least) and Steve has been making mud castles up the moorings!

That's it from me for today, my daily recommendation is this, if you haven't yet bought a boat then do so because if this weather keeps on like this then my new boat will be called the 'Ark'


Sunday, 17 July 2011

What a busy day!

I apologise that I didn’t blog yesterday. I did start writing one about 5pm but didn’t get around to finishing it with one thing and another!

We turned around six boats yesterday. That kept everyone busy! Poor Fred did have some issues with the pumpout machine, which slowed him down tremendously. I think it’s about time that we have it to bits and inspect the veins.

We also had two dayboats out, they were a merry bunch; one party on both boats, who despite the rain, really enjoyed their day out and about!

Unfortunately Graham managed to get something in his eye on Friday, so he wasn’t about yesterday following a visit to the hospital.

Bernard did a couple of services on our hire boats and then had to go to Wolverhampton to sort out a boat that Becks has now brought back for us. She rang me in the morning to say that the boat was losing power when the revs were selected at anything above tickover. She popped into a couple of boatyards that she passed and to her amazement (and ours) they either didn’t have an engineer onsite at weekends or they didn’t stock Isuzu filters! Anyway, as she was able to still make progress I suggested that she kept going and Bernard would meet her in Broad Street Basin. Bernard arrived back at the yard at about 6 – which did make him a bit late home!

The girls once again did a sterling job of turning the boats around.

And now to today…

Today we have had two day boats out too. Both parties took advantage of our special offer that we offer to all of our dayboaters. A bacon or sausage sandwich for just £1.99 or add an extra filling for £1.00!

Ralph and I docked Cornish this morning and Ralph has pressure washed her off and cleaned the dock out. Cornish is one of the boats that we sold earlier this year. The chap that owns her is really chuffed with her and so he should be. It is his first boat and he really does have a passion for the canals – he must have been “bitten by the bug”!

Mick had to go to a breakdown over at Sandon on the Trent and Mersey this morning. It was a private boat and one of the coolant hoses had perished, meaning that the occupants were losing water out of the engine and into the bilges.

I’ve finished reducing the prices of our hire boats, for the weeks that are unbooked during the school holidays. They can all be viewed here – I’m sure you will agree that they are VERY competitive!

We made the headlines again on Thursday! published a short press release that we sent to them. View it here

That's about it for today, over to Simon again tomorrow. Have a good week :-)



Thursday, 14 July 2011

A bit slow today

I am referring to me in the title this time, I was out last night until late and had much more to drink than I should have done so I have been a bit slow today! Not that it really slows me down, I still work at my normal manic speed! The weather on the other hand was not slow in coming out and the sun has been shining since first light this morning, it has been a beautiful day here at Norbury but a bit on the quiet side again, I think its a sign of the times!

All the lads that have been in today have been kept busy doing their usual jobs, Freddie blacking, cutting grass and general jobs around the yard, Bernard making mooring pins and fitting new alternators and drive plates, Matt and Lee painting, Lorraine has been kept busy in the shop while David has been changing and altering hire boat prices for August, If you are considering hiring a boat then take a look at our website for some amazing deals, Next week for instance you can get a boat at half its normal price! I have been in meetings for a good proportion of the day with either BWB or suppliers.

No rest for the wicked as I have another boat that I have to go and view tonight over in Shardlow so I am off now.

Until tomorrow

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A bit slow to get going this morning!

I am not referring to me in the title! The weather I mean, it was horrible first thing, it was grey and overcast but as the day has progressed it has brightened up nicely, It was a bit slow with customers first thing as well, a bit like the weather, but again as the day has progressed it has picked up and we have had a steady flow of people through the door and on the wharf all day.

This morning saw Fred filling the dock and as soon as Bernard turned up they removed both boats that had been in there since Sunday, they then docked another one for pressure washing and blacking, the dock is very busy this year so if you are reading this and want your boat blacking don't delay in booking a slot, Fred then went on to pressure wash the hull sides leaving Bernard to finish off making the mooring spikes for the moorings on the main line,Graham has been cracking on with the new cabin fit, it is in danger of being finished this week, I know I have said it before but he is doing a cracking job, it isn't very often you find someone with an eye for detail and workmanship quite like his! Steve is making good progress with the moorings and Lee and Matt have been painting in the wet dock and giving the day boats a bit of a spruce up as they do take a bit of a battering.

That's it from me for today.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

No drive today

The title is a little misleading, It isn't me that has no drive today, its some of my customers, they are a bit like buses, we don't see any broken alternators or drive plates for ages and then all of a sudden they come in the Masses, well three to be exact, a broken drive plate on a boat that had to be towed here from just up the moorings, a boat that had lost its drive on Sunday and had to be towed here from the other side of Market Drayton, that one is a bit more serious as it needs a new gear box and another that has a drive plate on its way out and desperately needs a new one before that breaks down , so you can see its been a day without much drive!

The wharf has been a bit quieter today, although Mick has been kept busy fitting new batteries, deck boards and generally tatting around the yard doing some outstanding jobs, Bernard has been doing engine servicing, removing gearboxes and making some new mooring pins for our moorings, Fred has been blacking and tidying the yard and the dry dock, Jay has been helping me in reception all day which has left Cheryl to look after the Tea room and she has done an excellent job, all in all quite a busy day but then Angela is off on her holidays (lucky sod) and David is on his two days off so you do feel it a bit more when you are staff down.

That's it from me for today, until tomorrow folks.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunny Monday

The morning started at 6.00 am for me as it usually does at this time of year, the infernal birds were singing and the sun was shining which does make a nice start to the morning, it has been a mixed bag of weather today though, no rain fortunately, a bit cloudy at time but generally it has been a lovely afternoon.

We had two day boats go out first thing this morning and they have all enjoyed a nice day out on the water, they have returned with out issue, no boats out tomorrow at the moment so no rush tonight in turning them around, the shop was busy first thing this morning and so was the wharf but it went a bit quiet in the afternoon which gave us the chance to catch up with a few outstanding jobs, the second hand boats have been a bit slow this year and we are seeing prices being reduced right across the country at the moment, we are no different and have had to drop some of our prices to stay competitive with other brokers, take a look at our website for some cracking good deals on pre-owned boats at the moment.

Ralph has been kept busy all day with blacking, show rounds, wharf duties etc, Mick has been tied up most of the day (not literally) on a re plumbing and fitting a new calorifier, Graham has been welding all day on the re cabin job and Lee has been doing a rectification job on a cabin side which went all funny, he is also showing Matt the ropes, Matt is our new painter.

That's about it from me for today, well not completely, once I have shut up shop here I have to go over to Alvechurch to view a boat, no rest for the wicked!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mick had to go out to a breakdown on a private boat at Adderley this morning, which resulted in Ralph and me docking the two boats that were due to go on after we had shown the day boats out. One of the boats on the dock was on for a survey, the second for pressure washing and blacking. We have had a constant stream of boats on the wharf for most of the day, for pumpouts, diesel etc. Graham was in this morning, doing a bit more welding on Hawthorne.

The weather hasn’t been too bad either today. We have had the odd shower but nothing too horrendous! I think we may have a drop tonight as the grey clouds are looming over.

Mick and I are just going to swap the boats in the paint dock and one of us will show the motor home out, then that will be it for us here today.

Back over to Simon tomorrow…

All the best.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Well what a busy day it has been today. The weather forecast was for rain showers all day, but we have only had one short, sharp shower! We’ve been blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine throughout the day, although a cool wind did start to blow this afternoon. To be honest that was quite a relief for everyone whilst turning the fleet around – that consisted of nine boats and the holiday cottage today. Ralph, Bernard and Fred have been occupied with this for the majority of the day. We also had two day boats out this morning, both of which were enjoyed by their crew.

I had a walk up the moorings today. Steve and Aaron are making headway and it will be a vast improvement when it is completed. I do apologise to our current moorers for any inconvenience it may cause, but I assure you that it will be all for the better in the end!

Graham is also making headway with the cabin that he is putting on Hawthorne. There’s still a lot to do, but I think you will agree that it has already completely transformed the boat! Here’s a picture for you a before and current (from today) picture!

As usual all the girls have been busy making the boats ready for the oncoming occupants. Pam has been in today to help get on top of the washing and Billy has been in to help with turning the boats round and to show some of the boats out.

Our internet went down yesterday, which resulted in us having to get another router/modem. Unfortunately it took some time to get it working and I seem to be having problems getting the Wi-Fi to work now, but I will have another bash at in the morning, and then service will be resumed as normal!

I’ve also taken a deposit for Lumley Castle, which now means that we have just seven boats for sale. So if you are interested in selling your boat; be it for an immediate cash sale or on brokerage, give us a call as we really do know how to sell boats!

That’s it for today folks.

See you tomorrow.



Thursday, 7 July 2011

N blog!

Sorry I havent written on the blog for the last few days, it has been as boring as hell here and it has rained so apart from the mundane jobs around the yard that the lads have been doing NOTHING exciting has happened, I have even managed to get away on time each day.

Today is no exception to the last couple of days, NOTHING exciting has happened so nothing really to report.

Hopefully tomorrow will be different, I know it will be!
So until tomorrow

Monday, 4 July 2011


What an amazing few days it has been, I was lucky as I was down on the South coast this weekend and the weather was unbelievable, Unfortunately I didn't take enough precautions and I am now suffering from being rather sun burnt! Take heed people, if you are out on boats in the sun put plenty of sun cream on as the sun reflects off the water so you almost get double the effect of the sun! Today started off a Little grey but it soon picked up and the sun has been beating down on the wharf all day, lets hope that this is here to stay.

I had some bad news on Friday from Lee (Smurf) My painter who has been with me since before I started Norbury, His family moved to Norbury not long after I took over the place and rented one of my cottages, His dad who's health has been deteriorating for some time popped in of Friday to say that he had no option but to move closer to his family, unfortunately Lee doesn't drive so he also moving away and has got to leave his job, he is very upset about it but has no choice, It will be a great shame as he has painted a lot of boats and did a superb job, he will be sorely missed, Fortunately the paint jobs will continue to be done to the same high quality, We have Matt joining us, he came to Norbury some time ago to buy a boat and has done some jobs for us in the past, He is a time served painter so his work will equally be as good as Lee's was.

Its been quiet on the canal today, we have seen a few boats on the wharf, not many considering the weather, It will soon be manic though when the children break up for their holidays, Ralph has been blacking today as usual, Mick has had to go on another breakdown which is miles away! Graham is making good progress on the new cabin replacement and Lee is busy preparing a roof for a re paint, Its been busy in the tea room which has kept Jay busy, we haven't had any day boats out today so Steve has been using one of them as a work boat taking timber up the moorings for the works that he is currently doing.

That's it from me for today.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


It been another sunny day here at Norbury today which has certainly brought the crowds out. Jay and the girls have been extremely busy in the tea room this afternoon.

Mick has been doing some jobs around the yard and has had to venture over to Tewkesbury this afternoon to deliver a new fridge to Phantom. That's the problem with this hot weather - it makes the fridges work over time!

Graham has been cracking on with the cabin on Hawthorne again today. Ralph has been pressure washing the two boats that we docked this morning.

Thats it from me today, Simons back to keep you entertained during the week.

Best regards,


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Glorious sunshine :-)

What a fabulous day it has been today! The sun has been beating down on us all day. Although it's a bit warm to be working, it certainly is enjoyable to have such great weather. The day boats that went out this morning have certainly had a good day for it...

We have turned around eight boats today which has kept Billy and Ralph busy for the majority of the day. Bernard has checked the engines over on all of the boats and has been doing running repairs on the Matbro this afternoon along with a couple of other small jobs required around the yard. Graham has been working on Hawthorne again. The back bulkhead is now taking shape. Mick has been finishing off on Cloud Nine, the finishing touches (varnishing) always make the job! Fred has done the pump outs, gas, diesel and water on all of the boats and has been down in the dock apply the final coat of blacking to the boat that is currently sitting in there.

There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes here at Norbury too, as with most businesses. Between us; Ange, Simon and I keep abreast of all the paperwork, advertising, recruiting, book work and the general day-to-day paperwork in the office. We have a superb team of girls that look after the housekeeping. Their work is cut out on a turnaround day to get all the boats clean ready for the next occupants. We do ask the occupants of the boats to strip the beds and put all used linen in the bath/shower cubicle before they depart. This saves the girls tremendous amounts of time, as you would be surprised how long it takes to just strip the beds! As we do all of our washing "in house" it now takes several days to plough through the washing, to get it ready for use again next week... Obviously there is the ongoing tidying of the wharf area which Ralph is really getting on top of now. He has made a superb job of the hanging baskets this year - I think they are the best they have looked for a good few years. Fred; when he isn't in the depths of the dry dock or pumping boats out, does try to keep the workshops and docks tidy. That's an ongoing job and as quick as they are tidied, they need doing again!!!

Well the day boats are back safely and ready to go out tomorrow, all the staff have gone home so I am afraid that's it from me for today. I'm going to go and enjoy a nice cool pint! Have a good evening.

Until tomorrow,


Friday, 1 July 2011


I am back at work after nine days away, although I was back yesterday! I think that Simon forgot to mention that I had returned...

There has been a fair amount of activity in and around the yard today. We have turned seven shared boats around and one of our hire boats. They have now all departed to enjoy the weather that we are promised during the forthcoming week. One couple are having an extra special week as they are due to get married in Nantwich on Sunday - Congratulations to the crew of Silhouette!

Graham has been cracking on with the cabin that he has been fabricating on Hawthorne. Unfortunately he came across a weep from behind one of the guard irons today whilst he was preparing to start making the rear bulkhead. This meant that we had to pull the boat up the slipway. He proceeded to remove the guard, weld a patch behind it and then refitted the guard over the top. A beady eye also spotted that the nut that holds the propeller onto the shaft was missing. We soon dug one out and had it fitted along with a split pin to hold it place in the future. Simon has just put the boat back in, but we managed to catch a picture before he did.

Fred and Bernard have both been busying themselves with turnarounds today, although Fred has also been down in the dock to give the boat on there a coat of blacking. Mick has been working in Cloud Nine.

That's everything for today, I'll be back tomorrow with more tales from Norbury...