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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tumultuous Tuesday

I have not stopped all day and when I have stopped for a minute someone has demanded my time, it has also been a loud day, there has been someone in and around all day making a row of some sort, roll on home time and peace and quiet, I am not moaning at all as it makes the day go nice and quick but it will be nice to have some peace and quiet tonight. The weather has been a little better today, at least it has rained on us.

I have sold a boat today so Andari is off the market and they want to keep it here, I have also taken some dock bookings and some bookings for next year, Angela has been busy with customers and playing catch up with paperwork, Cheryl has been kept out of mischief in the tearoom, what ever she has been doing it has smelt rather nice, I cant wait for my dinner now when I get home, Mick has been out on a private breakdown amongst many other jobs on boats around the yard, Bernard has been down in the dock all day welding and engine servicing, that leaves Fred, the delightful Freddie, he has been a pleasure today, blacking boats, pump outs, diesel and totting around the yard, Matt has been painting all day and he will be putting the final touches to that job tomorrow.

That's it from me for today so until tomorrow

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