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Friday, 1 July 2011


I am back at work after nine days away, although I was back yesterday! I think that Simon forgot to mention that I had returned...

There has been a fair amount of activity in and around the yard today. We have turned seven shared boats around and one of our hire boats. They have now all departed to enjoy the weather that we are promised during the forthcoming week. One couple are having an extra special week as they are due to get married in Nantwich on Sunday - Congratulations to the crew of Silhouette!

Graham has been cracking on with the cabin that he has been fabricating on Hawthorne. Unfortunately he came across a weep from behind one of the guard irons today whilst he was preparing to start making the rear bulkhead. This meant that we had to pull the boat up the slipway. He proceeded to remove the guard, weld a patch behind it and then refitted the guard over the top. A beady eye also spotted that the nut that holds the propeller onto the shaft was missing. We soon dug one out and had it fitted along with a split pin to hold it place in the future. Simon has just put the boat back in, but we managed to catch a picture before he did.

Fred and Bernard have both been busying themselves with turnarounds today, although Fred has also been down in the dock to give the boat on there a coat of blacking. Mick has been working in Cloud Nine.

That's everything for today, I'll be back tomorrow with more tales from Norbury...



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