Shop front in the summer

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The day after

The open day turned out to be a great sucess, lots of people around,lots of boat trips for the kids,we couldnt have wished for weather, it was superb! A big thanks to all that made the effort to come and dispaly their stuff, we had BCBM,Tim York(canal artist) SNCS, Wilsons, Engine s plus,some craft stalls and not to forget yhe excellent bar supplied by the Haberdashers Arms.

The party, well that too was a great sucess too, superb food, excellent entertainment by Meet on the ledge, plenty of Enville ale was consumed, i should know as i now have the head to prove it!!

Off now to Norbury for some breakfast.

UPDATE on the Sunday

I wrote the above when i got up on Sunday morning with a hangover from hell and on some one else's computer, i apologise for the typos!

Went back to Norbury and enjoyed an excellent breakfast with friends, it was cooked by Jay our new Tea room chef, what a nice lad he is and an excellent cook too, Jude has retired now and i wish her the best for the future.

Norbury was very busy indeed boats everywhere either leaving or using the wharf services,therewere a lot of people with sore heads and staff cleaning up from the aftermath!

After breakfast some of the historic boats decided on going for a cruise up to the Anchor, so Bolinders fired up, butty's taken in tow and off they went, now i dont do much boating anymore but seeing as i had friends with me i though why not, i started a day boat up, we all jumped on and off we went, i thought to my self i can catch those old working boats up, no bloody chance, at the end of the moorings that was it, a bloody fishing match!! first time out on a boat in ages and now at a snails pace passing loads of miserable looking mugs grumbling under their breath, made the Anchor, no signs of the old boats so in we go for a quick pint of Olives best, fortunately by the time we left most of the 'mug n maggots' were packing up so made for a better cruise back, we could hear the Bolinders in the distance but never caught site of them once we had left the pub, once back at Norbury some of our friends departed for their long drive back up North, some decided to come home with us so we left Norbury and David to finish off the day! All in all an excellent weekend.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and made the open day a success, everyone who helped with the food, the clearing up and to all the staff who went that extra mile to make the whole weekend a great event, watch this space folks as next year will be even better!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, 29 October 2010

uneventful Friday

Well as the title says, considering its a Friday and its the day before our open day and party the day has gone without a hitch, well apart from Sue giving out the password for the free beer, i will have to change it now! Sorry folks :-) he he, All the shared boats have gone off today without any problems,well apart from the one without an engine, but we even sorted them out so that they didn't loose their week, we let them take one of our hire boats that wasn't being used. all our boats that were out have returned without issue and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The weather hasn't been to good here today, it would have been better to have had sailing boats rather than narrow boats, the wind has been terrible, even blowing the dustbin lids off! Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow that the weather is kind to us.

The last few remaining jobs for the party have been done and we have even maneged to get all the boats cleaned! 16 in all, fair play to the cleaning team, they have worked their socks off today. i might buy them all a drink tomorrow, i did say might!

As all is done i am treating my self to an early night.


Thursday, 28 October 2010

one day left!

its been a funny sort of day, weather wise i mean, it started off really good but deteriorated in to a very wet day! i hope its not like that on Saturday, well people have started to turn up for the weekend, its amazing, as soon as you mention food and beer boaters flock from miles away lol Its great to catch up with friends that you haven't seen for a while.

As the title says "only one day left" and all is going to plan so far, the bar has turned up, marque all set up, food is almost sorted, just the lighting and braziers to sort now.

The poor boat we fetched back from Brewood is going to have a new heart transplanted in to it shortly as the old one is sadly passed its sell by date so its getting a brand new Isuzu, the owners will notice a massive difference once done.

Early night tonight for me and David as i suspect we are going to be burning the candle at both ends this weekend, JD, some TV and bed, perfect!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Only two days to go!

Well at least the sun has been shining today here at Norbury today, a few more boats about, as well, its only two days to go until our open day and end of season party. The beer is sorted, we are having Enville ale and Holden's golden glo, I wonder if Sue off 'No problem ' will get as drunk as last year, disgraceful lol

The marquee has been erected for the party on Saturday night, its a bit bigger than last year, I have been and collected the pallets for the stage, that was a rare sight, 100 pallets loaded on my little trailer, I'm glad it wasn't windy today! All of loaded and the stage is set for the group (meet on the ledge) excellent group" I was planning on doing some dancing on Saturday but i have managed to do my back in, so to everyone's disappointment i will have to give it a miss, sorry folks i know you were really looking forward to a good laugh!

The poor boat the we recovered yesterday is not very well at all, it looks like the engine might need a new fuel injection pump but the cam shaft is also worn badly so i suspect the engine will have to be changed in the not to distant future, good job i have some Isuzu's in stock.

Working late again tonight, myself and David are trying to get all the paperwork done for the new boat listings before the weekend, we dont seem to have time during the day at the moment, what with the day to day stuff at the yard and organising the open day and party.

Kay you really wouldnt want my job, trust me!


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Long day!

Only just finished work! Have been uploading information on all of the new brokerage boats that have come in this week, five so far and more on the way, you can see by the amount of boats for sale that the market has slowed down, we on the other hand seem to be as busy as ever having sold quite a few boats in the last few weeks, as its our open day this weekend i thought it would get a head start and save poor David all the work.

David has been out boating today, down to 'cut end' to collect yet another boat for sale and on his way back with it he took a shred owned boat in tow that had been abandoned because it had broken down. Not the best weather for boating, cold wet and windy, lovely!

More moorings are becoming vacant at Norbury, according to Les (local boater) there has been five boats vacate their BWB moorings this week, i suspect that with all the new marinas that have opened in the vicinty we are seeing prices being driven down and attracting people to the new marinas, i may be wrong but i think we will see a price war over the next few years as marinas try to fill their berths.

Another historic boat arrived at Norbury late last night, its starting to look like a museum now, i did take a photo but it came out terrible as the lens got covered in rain!!

Time to call it a day, get a shower and off to bed.


Monday, 25 October 2010

cold Monday morning

Yet another really cold morning in Norbury, wow -3, i hope it doesn't freeze the canal before the weekend, now that would be a disaster lol stunning morning, sun shining, mist rising off the water, everything cover in a hard frost and a stillness in the air,perfect!! sorry no picture this morning, far too busy to capture an image.

I have been away all weekend down in the 'big smoke' its another world down there! what a contrast to sleepy Norbury, its ok to visit but i don't think i could live and work there and i definitely couldn't drive around there everyday! Its nice to go away but its really nice to be home.

Really busy day today, busy in the shop, quite a few boats around but i have been out spending money, two boat just been bought, a fifty footer with traditional back cabin and vintage engine and a seventy foot cruiser, the cruiser is a fair way away so i now need the help of our friendly 'boat movers' should be back at norbury week Friday,Details will be released as soon as we have all the information.

Regards Simon

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Don't forget our Open Day - 30/10/2010

Morning folks!

Well it seems that Jack Frost paid us another visit last night. There was no sign of it dropping as cold as it did when I was coming home from the Anchor at High Offley last night. The outside thermostat on the car was reading 6°C.

Below is a picture of the Anchor with it's beautiful gardens, in the summer. That's just to warm you up!

This is a lovely little pub and is well worth a visit. If your going by boat it is only about forty minutes to the north of Norbury (towards Market Drayton). Olive is the landlady and up until a couple of years ago she used to go down into the cellar to fill a jug straight from the barrel and then fill your glass on the bar. She now has a pump on the bar, but the 6X is still as good and the roaring fires make you feel at home immediately along with the settles and three legged tables on the quarry tiled floor. Friday and Saturday nights usually end up with an enjoyable music session, quite often led by Mal Edwards MBE.

Above: That's Mal and I playing the Irish Rover!

Talking about Mal. He rang me yesterday a bit distressed, as he had a blocked fuel filter and it seemed that nobody could supply him with one. Guess what... yep your right... we had one in stock on the shelf, so he is all sorted now and hopefully on his way here for our Open Day next weekend.

Here's a bit about our Open Day.
30/10/2010 - Norbury Wharf Limited is opening it's doors to old and new friends and customers alike for our annual Open Day at Norbury Junction.

We will be open between 8.30am and 5.30pm and will be displaying all aspects of our work. So, if you are interested in having a paint job, new engine supplied and fitted, new cratch and cover or a dinette fitted then this is the day to visit us.

We will have a marquee on site housing a licensed bar which will be open from midday to 5pm.

A number of organisations and other associated businesses are joining us. These include: BC Boat Management, Shrewsbury and Newport Canals Trust, Aston Marina, T.R. Boathandling, Wilsons of Kinver, Gnosall fire brigade and Steve Foster crane hire.

Other attractions will include: full range of boats for sale, boat trips, historic boats, demonstrations (fender making and canal art), folk music, licensed tea room to sit and enjoy the boats passing by.
So if you have got some spare time next Saturday, pop down and see us.

We had a pleasant day yesterday. Lee nearly finished the paintwork on 'Etta' and is just applying the final touches this morning. Paul has finished the first coat of varnish inside 'Ember' (try this link as the one I put on yesterday didn't work! and Bernard ended up going to a breakdown in Wolverhampton. Unfortunately the throttle cable broke on one of the boats that we look after, but within an hour of the owners speaking to me on the telephone, Bernard had fixed it and on the way back to the yard.

We've got two dayboats out this morning, they departed at 9am this morning and headed north to the Wharf Tavern at Goldstone for lunch (another pub worth a visit for good food). View their website here

Right, I'm going to start updating our website now, so check back this afternoon to see what's new!

Bye for now,


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Grey start to Saturday morning

It's a grey start to the day at Norbury and quite chilly this morning. It seems ages ago that I was away on 'Ant' at the Braunston working boat gathering in glorious sunshine. We had a brilliant trip and came back to Norbury via Leicester with both 'Ant' and Sue Cawson's 'Thea'.

Above is one of my favourite pictures of Ant. It was taken on the Trent by Sue who was just infront of us.

We had a good day yesterday, all the boats turned around with out any issues. The dayboaters had a lovely day for a trip down to Wheaton Aston.

The Shroppie is a delightful canal and is even more so at this time of the year with the different colours of the leaves on the trees before they fall. We have to keep reminding everybody to 'chuck back' now.

The leaves that are in the canal; believe it or not, actually stick to the propeller as you travel along. This slows the boat down and will eventually cause the engine to overheat. It's amazing how many people thrash along and don't realise that they actually have something on the blades (propeller). So to get rid of the leaves you need to 'chuck back' regularly. To do this you basically just take the engine out of gear, engage reverse and increase the revs to just above tickover and then go back into ahead gear again. This will mean that your blades should be clear and the boat will travel along with alot less effort. People don't believe us when we tell them this, but try it and you'll be amazed!

Everyone's hard at it this morning...

Lee's busy completing the paintwork on 'Etta'. She has been in for a complete paint job and our signwritter will be in later to complete the signwriting. She's then going on our dry dock to have her bottom blacked.

We are in the process of fitting a new hire boat out, 'Ember'. She is going to be entered into our hire fleet ready for Easter. For more details visit our website here Paul's busy giving the inside a coat of varnish to protect the new wood.

The engineers are busy as we've got a couple of our hire boats out today and one of the motor homes. Along with a couple of engine services and a diesel heater service to do on private boats.

The phones ringing, so I've gotta go! Until tomorrow...

Friday, 22 October 2010

It's turn around day...

It's Friday morning and Norbury is still asleep, but not for long...

It's turn around day for our boats! 13 in total.

The majority of these boats arrived last night, although there are still a few to come and they will all be ready for their next adventure by 3pm this afternoon. They will certainly keep us all busy. Theres lots to do; including engine services, engine checks, internal checks, valets, pumpouts, diesel to fill, gas bottles to change, and no doubt the odd fault to rectify.

We've also got a dayboat going out this morning until 4.30pm. Although it's cold at the moment, I am sure that the dayboaters are going to benefit from a nice day as the sun's coming out and theres not that much cloud cover about (I hope that I haven't spoken too soon).

Simon has gone to fetch a boat down off of our moorings for some welding work. It's a boat that we have sold recently and the new owners have requested that a Tee stud is welded in the middle of the cabin top. Once the welding is done, they are off on their maiden voyage to Northampton.

Well I best go and get on!

Regards, David.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Another fine day

Another very cold night, unusual for October to have such hard frosts, there was even some ice on the canal here this morning, picture taken at 9.15 of the brokerage boats looking towards the BWB service block. Fortunately we have recently had our winter stocks of solid fuels so at least everyone here at Norbury will be nice and warm this winter, if the forecastors are right then i think that we will need to order more fuel!!

Good day yesterday, two boats gone and two new ones have come in for sale, visit our website for details.

Thanks Sue for your comments and yes i know i have lovely legs lol xx

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Jack Frost paid us a visit

Wow what a cold morning, it was registering 0 degrees in my car at 7 this morning at home and when i got to Norbury the boats were covered in a most impressive Haw frost which leaves a superb pattern on the roofs, we will get around to posting some pictures as soon as David shows me what to do!! It might take a while!!

Well David made it back yesterday with Sickle, he collected it from Gailey top lock and it took him and Sue Cawson about 7 hours in all, they did get a little wet enroute!

Things quiet here in Norbury, no boats moving, but at least the sun is shining.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What a damp day

Well what a damp day it is! It looked like being a nice morning, a bit chilly, but now it is pouring down, sat in the office at Norbury looking out over a wet basin, well its always wet but today its getting wetter!! Any body with any sense will not be boating today, well except David who has gone to fetch Sickle from Gailey, this is another old working boat that is coming to our open day on the 30th October, we are hoping for a good turnout of old working boats and already have two loaded 'Joshers' sat in the basin.

We are having a cracking run at the moment of selling boats, today we have completed on two more boats, so Snap Dragon and Loftus Rose have now sold

Monday, 18 October 2010

Welcome to the new blog

Welcome to the all new Norbury Wharf blog

This blog will be updated on a regular basis by either Simon Jenkins or David Ray, we will be keeping you up to date with everything 'Norbury', news, events, social gatherings and what is going on in and around the Norbury, so keep popping in to see whats new!

Regards Simon