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Monday, 25 October 2010

cold Monday morning

Yet another really cold morning in Norbury, wow -3, i hope it doesn't freeze the canal before the weekend, now that would be a disaster lol stunning morning, sun shining, mist rising off the water, everything cover in a hard frost and a stillness in the air,perfect!! sorry no picture this morning, far too busy to capture an image.

I have been away all weekend down in the 'big smoke' its another world down there! what a contrast to sleepy Norbury, its ok to visit but i don't think i could live and work there and i definitely couldn't drive around there everyday! Its nice to go away but its really nice to be home.

Really busy day today, busy in the shop, quite a few boats around but i have been out spending money, two boat just been bought, a fifty footer with traditional back cabin and vintage engine and a seventy foot cruiser, the cruiser is a fair way away so i now need the help of our friendly 'boat movers' should be back at norbury week Friday,Details will be released as soon as we have all the information.

Regards Simon

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