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Friday, 29 October 2010

uneventful Friday

Well as the title says, considering its a Friday and its the day before our open day and party the day has gone without a hitch, well apart from Sue giving out the password for the free beer, i will have to change it now! Sorry folks :-) he he, All the shared boats have gone off today without any problems,well apart from the one without an engine, but we even sorted them out so that they didn't loose their week, we let them take one of our hire boats that wasn't being used. all our boats that were out have returned without issue and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The weather hasn't been to good here today, it would have been better to have had sailing boats rather than narrow boats, the wind has been terrible, even blowing the dustbin lids off! Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow that the weather is kind to us.

The last few remaining jobs for the party have been done and we have even maneged to get all the boats cleaned! 16 in all, fair play to the cleaning team, they have worked their socks off today. i might buy them all a drink tomorrow, i did say might!

As all is done i am treating my self to an early night.



  1. Sorry to be missing the party. Unfortunately, I'm working all weekend. Hope it all goes well.

  2. Good to see you out here on the Blogosphere, hope your day goes really well, see you next year.