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Thursday, 28 October 2010

one day left!

its been a funny sort of day, weather wise i mean, it started off really good but deteriorated in to a very wet day! i hope its not like that on Saturday, well people have started to turn up for the weekend, its amazing, as soon as you mention food and beer boaters flock from miles away lol Its great to catch up with friends that you haven't seen for a while.

As the title says "only one day left" and all is going to plan so far, the bar has turned up, marque all set up, food is almost sorted, just the lighting and braziers to sort now.

The poor boat we fetched back from Brewood is going to have a new heart transplanted in to it shortly as the old one is sadly passed its sell by date so its getting a brand new Isuzu, the owners will notice a massive difference once done.

Early night tonight for me and David as i suspect we are going to be burning the candle at both ends this weekend, JD, some TV and bed, perfect!


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