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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Grey start to Saturday morning

It's a grey start to the day at Norbury and quite chilly this morning. It seems ages ago that I was away on 'Ant' at the Braunston working boat gathering in glorious sunshine. We had a brilliant trip and came back to Norbury via Leicester with both 'Ant' and Sue Cawson's 'Thea'.

Above is one of my favourite pictures of Ant. It was taken on the Trent by Sue who was just infront of us.

We had a good day yesterday, all the boats turned around with out any issues. The dayboaters had a lovely day for a trip down to Wheaton Aston.

The Shroppie is a delightful canal and is even more so at this time of the year with the different colours of the leaves on the trees before they fall. We have to keep reminding everybody to 'chuck back' now.

The leaves that are in the canal; believe it or not, actually stick to the propeller as you travel along. This slows the boat down and will eventually cause the engine to overheat. It's amazing how many people thrash along and don't realise that they actually have something on the blades (propeller). So to get rid of the leaves you need to 'chuck back' regularly. To do this you basically just take the engine out of gear, engage reverse and increase the revs to just above tickover and then go back into ahead gear again. This will mean that your blades should be clear and the boat will travel along with alot less effort. People don't believe us when we tell them this, but try it and you'll be amazed!

Everyone's hard at it this morning...

Lee's busy completing the paintwork on 'Etta'. She has been in for a complete paint job and our signwritter will be in later to complete the signwriting. She's then going on our dry dock to have her bottom blacked.

We are in the process of fitting a new hire boat out, 'Ember'. She is going to be entered into our hire fleet ready for Easter. For more details visit our website here Paul's busy giving the inside a coat of varnish to protect the new wood.

The engineers are busy as we've got a couple of our hire boats out today and one of the motor homes. Along with a couple of engine services and a diesel heater service to do on private boats.

The phones ringing, so I've gotta go! Until tomorrow...

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