Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Long day!

Only just finished work! Have been uploading information on all of the new brokerage boats that have come in this week, five so far and more on the way, you can see by the amount of boats for sale that the market has slowed down, we on the other hand seem to be as busy as ever having sold quite a few boats in the last few weeks, as its our open day this weekend i thought it would get a head start and save poor David all the work.

David has been out boating today, down to 'cut end' to collect yet another boat for sale and on his way back with it he took a shred owned boat in tow that had been abandoned because it had broken down. Not the best weather for boating, cold wet and windy, lovely!

More moorings are becoming vacant at Norbury, according to Les (local boater) there has been five boats vacate their BWB moorings this week, i suspect that with all the new marinas that have opened in the vicinty we are seeing prices being driven down and attracting people to the new marinas, i may be wrong but i think we will see a price war over the next few years as marinas try to fill their berths.

Another historic boat arrived at Norbury late last night, its starting to look like a museum now, i did take a photo but it came out terrible as the lens got covered in rain!!

Time to call it a day, get a shower and off to bed.



  1. I am not surprised to hear that about the BW Moorings. There is tons of room in the marinas, with a lot of boats for sale now, as you know,

    They are not offering any BW Moorings at Norbury at the moment, although they had one on their auction site for 49' or so last week with no takers!

  2. Just found your blog today - it's nice to keep up with my favourite place whilst I'm stuck in a shop all day! Wish I had your job Simon!!

  3. Simon,
    Good News about the moorings price war, eh?