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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Only two days to go!

Well at least the sun has been shining today here at Norbury today, a few more boats about, as well, its only two days to go until our open day and end of season party. The beer is sorted, we are having Enville ale and Holden's golden glo, I wonder if Sue off 'No problem ' will get as drunk as last year, disgraceful lol

The marquee has been erected for the party on Saturday night, its a bit bigger than last year, I have been and collected the pallets for the stage, that was a rare sight, 100 pallets loaded on my little trailer, I'm glad it wasn't windy today! All of loaded and the stage is set for the group (meet on the ledge) excellent group" I was planning on doing some dancing on Saturday but i have managed to do my back in, so to everyone's disappointment i will have to give it a miss, sorry folks i know you were really looking forward to a good laugh!

The poor boat the we recovered yesterday is not very well at all, it looks like the engine might need a new fuel injection pump but the cam shaft is also worn badly so i suspect the engine will have to be changed in the not to distant future, good job i have some Isuzu's in stock.

Working late again tonight, myself and David are trying to get all the paperwork done for the new boat listings before the weekend, we dont seem to have time during the day at the moment, what with the day to day stuff at the yard and organising the open day and party.

Kay you really wouldnt want my job, trust me!



  1. I hope we still have a boat that can move from Sunday....that the shared ownership boat isn't either of ours!

  2. Phhewwwww...cheers, see you later today