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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The day after

The open day turned out to be a great sucess, lots of people around,lots of boat trips for the kids,we couldnt have wished for weather, it was superb! A big thanks to all that made the effort to come and dispaly their stuff, we had BCBM,Tim York(canal artist) SNCS, Wilsons, Engine s plus,some craft stalls and not to forget yhe excellent bar supplied by the Haberdashers Arms.

The party, well that too was a great sucess too, superb food, excellent entertainment by Meet on the ledge, plenty of Enville ale was consumed, i should know as i now have the head to prove it!!

Off now to Norbury for some breakfast.

UPDATE on the Sunday

I wrote the above when i got up on Sunday morning with a hangover from hell and on some one else's computer, i apologise for the typos!

Went back to Norbury and enjoyed an excellent breakfast with friends, it was cooked by Jay our new Tea room chef, what a nice lad he is and an excellent cook too, Jude has retired now and i wish her the best for the future.

Norbury was very busy indeed boats everywhere either leaving or using the wharf services,therewere a lot of people with sore heads and staff cleaning up from the aftermath!

After breakfast some of the historic boats decided on going for a cruise up to the Anchor, so Bolinders fired up, butty's taken in tow and off they went, now i dont do much boating anymore but seeing as i had friends with me i though why not, i started a day boat up, we all jumped on and off we went, i thought to my self i can catch those old working boats up, no bloody chance, at the end of the moorings that was it, a bloody fishing match!! first time out on a boat in ages and now at a snails pace passing loads of miserable looking mugs grumbling under their breath, made the Anchor, no signs of the old boats so in we go for a quick pint of Olives best, fortunately by the time we left most of the 'mug n maggots' were packing up so made for a better cruise back, we could hear the Bolinders in the distance but never caught site of them once we had left the pub, once back at Norbury some of our friends departed for their long drive back up North, some decided to come home with us so we left Norbury and David to finish off the day! All in all an excellent weekend.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and made the open day a success, everyone who helped with the food, the clearing up and to all the staff who went that extra mile to make the whole weekend a great event, watch this space folks as next year will be even better!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Saturday evening was lovely for which I thank Simon and all at Norbury Wharf. Sunday was a shame as there wasn't any "Snails pace" for the moored boats. Maybe a very long pole is what we need?!