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Monday, 1 November 2010

Busy busy Monday

I knew it would be a busy day today as we had three boats being craned out of the water and one being craned in,I had to leave David to sort it out which he sorted without any problems as i had a 10.30 am meeting with a surveyor which meant i didnt get to Norbury until after the first boat had been craned out which was a shame as i got stuck down the lane waiting for the dam thing to come past on a low loader! I only popped in to the office to collect some paperwork and Ron and Brenda then off again and down to Saul junction to fetch a boat back to Norbury to put up for sale, picture above taken at 3.00pm today, and for those who dont recognise it, it is looking towards Sharpness from Saul junction on the Gloucester and Sharpness canal, stunning place!!

This is a picture of the latest boat to go on brokerage at Norbury, its being steered by Ron Withy, to anyone who doesnt know him, he is an old boatman(born and bred) in his retirement he still boats all over the country!

Finally made it back to Norbury at 4.45pm having made excellent time on the motorway without any holdups, All the guys had cleared up after the party, just the marquee to come down now and then all back to normal, just enough time to catch up on the days events and then home.


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