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Friday, 5 November 2010

TFI Friday!

At last its Friday and a week away from work for me, yipee! last post from me for a week, i know i can here you all now saying thank god! well its Davids turn to let you know whats happening at Norbury for the week, Its been a mad house today, only 7 boats going out but it has seemed like 20! The last bit of the jig saw was sorted today, the roof that is, was put back on to 'Hope' after fitting the engine yesterday, mick can now fit the engine back up without getting wet, its like having a giant sunroof in a boat!

I have only just got home after towing a stranded boat back, poor Ed and Sarah off Weyflower broke down a couple of days ago, they popped in today so i lent them a day boat to tow there's back but they were struggling so much with the leaves, the dark and the rain that my self and Mick went and rescued them from Grub street, they are tied up safely on wharf now, so i apologise if i came past your boat earlier and rocked it about, it was for a good cause.

The boat en-route to us from Gloucester has made it as far as Worcester but has now left the river, they rang to say tht the river was far to swollen for them to carry on, the trees and debris coming down the river has put them off! Another boat has come in today to be sold, we have never had this many boat for sale before and looking around there does seem a lot for sale at the moment, half empty marinas and full brokerage sites, doesn't bode well for the waterways at the moment

Any way its my third anniversary with Amanda today, so off to the pub to celebrate and watch some fireworks.


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