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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Sorry I didn't blog yesterday! Unfortunately I didn't have time too.

Yesterday AM saw me putting my overalls on and diving into the engine compartment on Yelvertoft. That's a rare sight these days, as I'm usually busy in the office or talking to customer's. But due to running on minimum staff this week, it was down to me... I quite enjoy "getting my hands dirty" (on occasions)!

Yelvertoft is one of the shared ownership boats that we operate. The very nice couple that are currently aboard have travelled all the way from the States to have a week on board in England. I'm glad the suns out for them today following the bitter weather and rain that we have been experiencing! Her Nanni engine was losing it's coolant water, so after a few minutes I identified the problem and then spent the next hour removing the alternator and other pipework and wiring that always gets in the way to remove the source of the problem. That's always the problem with boats, nothing is easy to 'get at'. The problem turned out to be the water pipe between the bottom of the heat exchanger and the water pump had perished. I promptly ordered a new one, which should be with us later today and Bernard can then fit it and get the boat underway once again.

Following this it was time to tighten up security around the yard. We had some coal pinched out of our compound on Monday night. That's the first time we have ever had a problem. It seems more apparent that items and fuels (in particular) are going missing from boats and canal side properties. A good customer of ours, is dropping his lovely boat off to us within the next week to have a locking diesel filler cap fitted. He has had his tank drained twice in the last few months. Although he moors in a rural spot, it's unbelievable that people will steal off boats, or even steal at all! A lot has been written about diesel thefts on narrowboatworld. That's a good site to keep up-to-date with canal news.

We also had a boat hauled up the slipway yesterday. It was a boat that BW had put a Section 8 on a few months back and was now being retrieved. It went off to Belvide Reservoir near Stretton for storage, while it's future is decided.

So, with having spent the day out on the yard yesterday, I'm bogged down with paperwork, phone calls and ordering today! That's nowhere near as interesting for you to read about.

The rest of the staff are busy around the yard. Steve's getting the trimming finished off in Ember which will allow us to get all the woodwork sanded down and a second coat of varnish applied. Upon completion she will be entered into our hire fleet. Whilst talking about the hire fleet. We have decided to freeze prices for 2011. This means that all holidays for 2011 will be at the same cost as 2010. So we have not only not increased our prices, but we are going to absorb the 2.5% VAT increase that is due in January. That's a bargain! We are also doing lots of last minute deals at the moment - for details please email us

Bernard's busy fitting anodes and a new rudder cup on the boat that is in the dry dock whilst Fred's blacking the bottom of it. Lee's still prepping Straight and Narrow.


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