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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

good intentions!!

Well today started with good intentions! i thought seeing as it was a very cold morning, very hard frost and misty Norbury looked stunning so off i went armed with the camera to get some nice pictures to post on the blog, been a busy day so last thing this afternoon i downloaded the pictures and typical, no internet again! its been on and off all day and i could not get it to stay on last thing so i gave up, shut up the shop and left for home, so here i am typing this from the comfort of my place. As the sun started shining this morning and melting the early morning frost on the boats Norbury was a perfect picture, if i can get the internet to stay on tomorrow i will post some pictures then.

Its been a busy day as i have already said and we have even seen some boats on the move today, a few on the wharf filling with diesel and buying coal and one en-route to its new mooring at Over water marina at Audlem, now that is a superb marina if you havent yet seen it and according to sources is nearly full, if that is correct then that is good going as most marinas seem to have plenty of empty berths at the moment, people must be coming on to the Shroppie at the moment as our moorings seem to be nearly full up again as well although that situation can change at any time!

Fred has finished blacking the boat on the dock, while Paul welded a new set of anodes on to the hull, Bernard has been busy all day with engine services and then we saw one of our motor homes go out for a couple of weeks, its amazing that people are still hiring them at this time of year but both of them are out this week and are out for a few weeks, Paul was also getting boats ready to go out this week, again amazing that they are still being hired, not surprising really as they nearly all have solid fuel stoves on them making them ideal for this weather.

Ive been busy making the necessary arrangements for the craning and transport of another boat that is coming to us for sale, this one is a 45 footer and is coming from the Leeds and Liverpool canal, The word must be getting around that we seem to be the only brokerage that is selling boats at the moment, we must be either doing something right or we just have the right boats for sale!! you tell me?

Any way my dinner is nearly ready, so just enough time for a quick shower and then dinner so until tomorrow, and i promise to post some nice pictures even if i take them on my phone and up load them from home tomorrow.



  1. I took a lovely piccie looking up the canal from the wharf (in my opinion!) last night, the light was fabulous....can't post it though! You will just have to imagine....calm still water, smoke from the boat chimneys, a lovely cool blue sky...

  2. Karen it was a smashing day for taking pictures, its just a shame that the internet was off most of the day yesterday and i couldnt post mine!