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Saturday, 20 November 2010

All go today!

Well although it has been a quiet today with passing traffic, it hasn't been for us!

It started this morning. I had to get two of the boats that we currently have for sale ready for prospective buyers to take out and test. They only go up to the winding hole at Grub Street, but it gives them a good feel for the boat. Unfortunately I didn't get to go out with them as it is more important for me to stay here and man the fort. So, it was time to hand over to Fred who did a sterling job. Upon their return a firm sale was agreed with the one boat, which means that Long in the Tooth is now Sold "subject to survey".

We've also turned Phoenix around and she has now gone out for two weeks hire with her new occupants aboard. Several of the shared owned boats have also been collected and set off for their next voyage.

Bernard and I have just lifted the new engine into the engine bay of Silhouette, here it is sat on a pallet on the forks of the tractor. Looking all sparkly, ready to serve many years as the motive power, charging and heating unit for Silhouette.

Mick has also nearly finished installing her new hob, grill and oven, which I will let you have a look at tomorrow once it is all in.

Jim's finished blacking Empress, which means that we will be flooding the dock in the morning ready for the next boat to go on.

The boat that we have on the bank that requires a new bottom, has had some good progress made on it over the last day or two. I just went to take a picture, but it's gone dark!

Talking about the weather, it's been another cloudy day here at Norbury, with very little wind. The sun didn't manage to break through once again, but at least the fog has cleared!

I'm off up to the Anchor at High Offley again tonight, but this time by boat - one has to get a boating fix when your craving for it you know!

Speak tomorrow.


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