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Friday, 12 November 2010


Friday's seem to come round so quickly. It's turnaround day once again.

We've got four shared owned boats turning round and one of the hire boats going out today. Here's the view of them all lined up this morning, ready and waiting for the engineers and cleaners.

I had a nice evening last night. After a couple of drinks (yes I know, it was a few more than that!) and a good laugh in the Royal Oak at Gnosall with some friends after work, it was then back to Lucy's boat for dinner but that was courtesy of Sue. It's good to have friends around at this time of the year, short days, long dark nights and all that! It's a shame that I haven't got a local within walking distance...

The road back to Norbury last night was covered in debris from the high winds. There were branches, twigs and leaves everywhere. We were just praying that a tree didn't fall down as it had done only a few days previous. A poor lady from the village was driving her car along the road when a tree came down right across her bonnet. Luckily she wasn't hurt but the car was a write off - what a shock that must have been! The winds have certainly been violent. A farmer friend of Simon's and mine had his brick built porch blown off his farmhouse during the night - reports Blanche who delivers our newspapers. It was a good job that we stacked the chairs and tables and all the signs in front of the shop last night, or they would have all blown away by this morning.

Ange is busy packing up the fishing tackle in the shop. We have sold it to a trade customer which will allow alot more space in our shop for our new stove and chimney display and to introduce some new stock - so watch this space. Once it's all built I'll post some pictures. Paul will be starting on it later today.

The boat on the dock has now had it's three coats of Intertuff, 6 anodes and a new rudder cup on the skeg, so the docks flooding as we speak ready to take Hope. Remember? That's the boat that we changed the engine in. We going to pop her in the dock so she can have a new coat of paint on the cabin top, where we disturbed the paintwork removing the access plate to get the engines in and out.

I need to catch up with some Brokerage paperwork and advertising today. Which; I'm sure, will keep me busy for most of the day. You can soon get distracted by ringing telephones and making sure everything runs smoothly on the yard.

Time to get started!


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