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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday and work continues

It's a peaceful morning in Norbury this morning and there's still a few signs from Halloween! The pumpkin on the stop plank store came floating by yesterday and a local boater fished it out so it can still be appreciated by passers by.

When I got in the Landy to come to work this morning, the windscreen was frozen over and the roads were a bit slippery here and there. The remainder of the frost from last night has now gone leaving it grey and cloudy over us, but work still continues!

The water board are trying to find a leak on the main. Apparently usage in Norbury Junction has gone up over 4,000 litres - that's a lot of water! So they have got all the grids up down the lane. Here they have even found a fire hydrant that we didn't know existed!

Lee's now at the stage of priming Strait and Narrow. Here she is with her first coat of primer on the cabin sides.

Mick has now finished installing the new engine in Hope...

and the cabin top has been painted, although it does need another coat before she is handed back to her owner!

Sunday's are docking days too! So here is Silhouette going on the dock, for pressure washing and blacking. She is the first shared boat in for Winter Maintenance.

So there's some pictures for you today, to make up for the few days last week that I didn't get around to uploading any, sorry!

Simon's back tomorrow, so he will probably be blogging during the coming week.

Speak soon. David.

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