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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sunny Saturday

It's been a busy day here at Norbury today.

We had two day boats go out this morning, they've gone down towards Wheaton Aston and will hopefully be back for 4.30pm as they are going out again tomorrow. We've turned a hire boat round too and we have got people staying in our holiday cottage. The owners of one of the shared owned boats that is based here are also having there meeting today.

I'm glad that the wind has eased and the sun's been out, but it has started to turn chilly now. There hasn't been many boats passing through for the last few days. I guess that they decided it was easier to stay 'put' than being blown up the canal sideways!

The winds over the last 2/3 days have reminded me about going to the Port (that's Ellesmere Port) at Easter about three years ago. I (along with a couple of good friends) took Hyperion and Ethel. The wind was that strong between Chester and the Port that the majority of the boats ended up getting blown against the bank and had to be towed off. That's the benefit of having butty, and a good butty steerer at that - you can work together to keep the boats moving and in the centre of the channel. Here's a picture of me decending Bunbury staircase with the pair.

I've finally finished the advert for No Frontiers, that's the 69 foot boat that has just come in for Brokerage. I've just been totting up the invoices that were left on board. Over £25k has been spent on works and parts in the last five years! Click here to read all about it! But in the meantime here's a picture of her.

That's Fred proving that he does know how to steer a boat! He has took some training, but he's getting there... I've seen the white's of his eyes on a few occasions when we have been towing boats back to the yard! :-)

Yesterday afternoon I received the deposit for Long in the Tooth, meaning that she is now officially UNDER OFFER and off the open market. So that's Shongalolo, Maggie Bloggs and now Long in the Tooth all sold, subject to surveys.


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