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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Gods

All i can say is that the 'sun always shines.........................' the Gods must have been looking down on us over the weekend judging by the foul weather today in contrast to the superb weekend, wet windy and wild at Norbury today, its been a day of moving things today as every time we moved something on the yard it was then in the way of some delivery driver or something, a boat used the slip today and you wouldn't believe the performance, They bought the wrong sized vehicle to move it so had to go and get another one, that needed modifying, i left them to it in the end!

Had a good day as it looks like we will have two more hire boats going in to the fleet for next year,another four berth and another six berth, this makes out fleet 12 in total including our two dayboats, watch our websites for the details.


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