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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

BWB policies!!!

All was going ok until i had a phone call from Ron and Brenda (boat movers) who are moving the new boat from Saul junction to say that the bridges were shut on the G&S canal, a quick call to the Gloucester office and i couldnt believe what i heard, The whole of the river Severn and the G&S canal is basically shut on a Tues and Wed from the 1st Nov until March and this has been like this since 2006! There is no information anywhere about this and when i spoke with the local manager i was basically told "tuff" A letter to Robin Evans via email was sent straight away and amazingly i had a reply and then as if by magic a notice came through on the email notifications from BWB informing everyone about the restrictions! Funny that an email informing everyone about the situation should come after the restriction started. I spoke to Ron and Brenda to let them know that there was nothing that BWB were prepared to do and they had to sit tight, they said there were 20 boats waiting to move and all of them were really hacked off with the situation, they were stuck in the middle of no where, no facilities, no shops, no nothing so they turned around and headed back to Saul only to find that the bridge there to was locked! Typical BWB couldnt organise a..............................

Quiet day at Norbury, no boats moving at all, at least it has given us the chance to finish getting the yard tidied up after the weekend and start cleaning out the burnt out boat, thats the next project, remove the twisted cabin and hull section and replace with new steel and then re fit the whole thing, that wont be a five minute job, will post some pictures shortly of its progress.


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