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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Good news for our customers

Well, yesterday was very satisfying. I took an offer on one of our brokerage boats, which was accepted and we are looking to complete within the next couple of weeks. We also had another boat come in to be sold. It's like new and well worth a look at if you are looking for a 40ft boat. It will show HERE later today. The day boat came back on time and with the customers having had an excellent day which was complimented by the weather. The two boats that were going out on hire, were turned around and have gone out exploring with their residents for this week aboard. And finally, all the engineering work is up to date. Good news for our customers too, as diesel also came down two pence a litre yesterday, now making it just 59.9ppl.

I went upto the Anchor at High Offley again last night for "Dave the duck's" birthday party. A smashing evening was had amongst friends with entertainment being provided by us musicians. I'm glad Olive had both fires burning as it dropped very cold. When I got in the car to come to work this morning I had to defrost the windscreen although the exterior thermometer was registering 2°C.

Mick has nearly finished installing the replacement engine in Hope and it should be up and running later this morning. There's just the painting off the cabin top left to do then as we had to take part of it off to get the engine out and the new one in. That should be done towards the end of this week.

Sunday's are enjoyable days at Norbury, and I must say it's my favourite day of my working week. The mornings are peaceful, which mean that I can get on and catch up with some work on the computer. We usually dock a boat and that's being pressure washed by mid morning. By lunchtime the tea room and the shop get busy with people from the surrounding towns having tea and cake or a sit down meal after a leisurely stroll along the canal. Then we have our regular customers! They come onto the wharf to fill their boats with diesel, stock up with coal and gas, fill their water tanks, have a pumpout and talk about their 'wish lists' for work they would like doing on their floating homes.

This morning is slightly different as we are not docking today. Straight and Narrow; that's the boat that has gone in for painting, went onto the dry dock last Sunday for blacking, but we were waiting until Wednesday for replacement parts for it's stern gear, that meant that we couldn't undock it and dock No Problem until Thursday - that put us a day behind! So No Problem will be floated off the dock in the morning and then we have got one of the boats that we have recently sold going on to be blacked.

I'm sorry that there are no pictures today, I'll try to upload some later.

Have a good day!


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