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Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday morning blues, or not ?

Well im back from a very nice weeks break, i didnt go abroard or anywhere really exciting but i did have a nice break, did some boating down on the Solent, Sat, Sun and Monday and the weather was superb and we had the South to our selves, virtually no other boats out so it was wonderfull, we returned to our mooring in Burlesdon on Monday afternoon, cleaned the boat off, winterised the engines and water system and got it ready for the winter,we had an excellent meal in the Jolly sailor on the evening(pictured opposite)and headed back home in torential rain on Tuesday! i then spent a couple of days in the garden at home, i know me in the garden lol and then Friday saw us down in deep South Wales looking at another boat!

the picture on the left was taken on the Solent over the weekend showing how calm it was and how sunny it was.

Back to work today, now usually after a week off there is all sorts of stuff to do and loads of catching up to do but today has been lovely, not to manic, no problems and everything seems in order!! hats off to David he has kept everything in order and i see he has kept the blog up to date, even if he did miss a day!

It started off really cold, -3 on route to work but then the sun was out nice and early and it has been a stunning winters day on the wharf, we have even seen some boats on the move and a few on the wharf, The shop is now taking shape after selling off all the fishing tackle and Amanda has been working hard to get it all cleaned up and everything in its new place, we now have a dedicated stand and area for all the stoves, chimneys and paraphernalia that goes with keeping you and your boat warm, sorry there are no pictures, you will have to pay us a visit and take a look for yourselves!! I will take some pictures next week of the mess we are just about to make as we are moving the chandlery, office and counter, redecorating and painting floors etc, its a big job and im sure it will take quite some time to complete but it will be worth the effort as it will give more space, both in the new office and in the chandlery. Mick and Paul have been cracking on with Ember and that is looking very good, i think it will prove to be a popular boat in the summer,Paul has winterised Sphynx and put that to bed for now while Lee has been applying more primer to the boat in the dock. David is now off for a couple of days for a well earned break, im sure he will still stick his nose in tomorrow.

Until tomorrow


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