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Thursday, 4 November 2010

A day of in and out

The day has been like a yo yo, down the dock first thing to undock a boat then dock 'No Problem' (opposite) it does have a problem though, its front rubber fender has come adrift and a pig of a job it is to re attach it at the bottom, so Sue if you read this please be careful in the locks in future! x then the undocked boat had to go over to the painting dock where it will live for the next four weeks while being painted, quick coffee then back down the dock with the Matbro and a Brand new Beta 'tug' engine to be fitted in to 'Hope' (below)
out with the old engine and in with the new one, its all down to a warranty issue with the engine so Beta are replacing it, as a Main agent we have the task of changing it, not my favourite job if im honest as an engine weighing nearly a ton swinging around above a freshly painted boat is quite nerv racking! Below is Mick (left) and David (right) with the old engine and the new one.

Last picture is the engine room devoid of its power plant

I am away next week, well not really going away, Just down to my boat to winterise it and look at a few boats for sale dotted around the country otherwise i would take some more pictures of the other engine installation that we are doing at the moment, i will mention it to David but i suspect he will be to busy to remember.


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