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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mick had to go out to a breakdown on a private boat at Adderley this morning, which resulted in Ralph and me docking the two boats that were due to go on after we had shown the day boats out. One of the boats on the dock was on for a survey, the second for pressure washing and blacking. We have had a constant stream of boats on the wharf for most of the day, for pumpouts, diesel etc. Graham was in this morning, doing a bit more welding on Hawthorne.

The weather hasn’t been too bad either today. We have had the odd shower but nothing too horrendous! I think we may have a drop tonight as the grey clouds are looming over.

Mick and I are just going to swap the boats in the paint dock and one of us will show the motor home out, then that will be it for us here today.

Back over to Simon tomorrow…

All the best.


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