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Sunday, 31 July 2011

don't blink

simon, very rivetting blog honey, you'll have everyone glued to their computers lol !! you even went home early, before me anyway, even if it was only 20 minutes. i'll elaborate a bit for you. we had 2 dayboats go out this morning, 1 party all dressed as pirates and never been on a boat before, they did look the part, long hair, eye patches, black teeth and pirate hats and they had a fab time, both boats returned on time and without any issues :)
the tea room has been very busy today which has kept jay, jack and lorraine busy (and me for part of the day) we have had a lot of cyclists in today as usual including my hubby mark who has just bought himself a new bike and started to cycle to norbury on a sunday morning and enjoying a bacon sandwich and a mug of tea and sitting outside for a while saying that he has forgotten just how nice it is at norbury, (don't know how long he'll keep it up for). lorraine and i have been taking it in turns running over to the laundry to put another load of washing into the washing machine and tumble drier (3 washers on the go today) and a service wash from ira and carolyn off albion as they have returned to their mooring today after being away for a couple of months. not only have i been over to the laundry doing washing but everytime i went over there i came back with boxes of ice cream that we keep in the freezer over there, simon i'd like a pound (£) for every ice cream we've sold today, and it's funny we probably sell more ice cream and lollies in the last hour than we've sold all day.
the wharf has been very busy today with diesel and pump outs, simon wanted to teach me how to do a pump out:( i said i was busy in the tea room thanks, so bless he has done them instead thank goodness x, i don't know how to do them and neither do i want to thanks.
i think that's it from me today before i get into too much trouble, speak soon, ange.

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