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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The weather has been much better today, I hope it stays like this for the weekend, I haven't seen the forecast yet but here's hoping! I am off this weekend, well I am actually off on Thursday night down South to do a bit of boating down there for three days, I never quite get away from it though as when I return on Sunday I have to drop off on the Way to look at another boat that is coming up here to be sold!

Its been a busy day today, well this mooring has been, I have not stopped all morning, it did go a bit quieter this afternoon which gave me the Chance to p,lay catch up and walk up and look at how Steve is getting ion with the moorings, they are looking great! The lads have all been busy today, Fred and Bernard un docked Cornish first thing and then docked Dot Number 6 for blacking, Bernard then carried on with the engine service on Cornish amongst other small jobs on the boat, Nigel who owns the boat is having a few jobs done on it to improve it so Micky will be next on to it to re locate its instrument panel and a bit of wiring, Bernard then went on to a poorly boat with fuel dilution that is overheating, it also needs a new air duct fitting to it but that will be a job for Mick, Freddie has been pressure washing and pumping boats out while Matt has been painting and Graham has been grinding and putting the final touches on the re cabin job, He promises me that it will be finished this week, Angela as always has been beavering away at her desk as well as flitting around the shop and Lorraine has been busy all day in the kitchen. I have mentioned before that Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are our 'thin' days when it comes to staffing levels so we do tend to feel the pressure a bit More on them days if we are busy!

I dont know why but I feel Knackered today and cant stop yawning, an early night is called for I think.

That's it from me for today

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