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Monday, 25 July 2011

Summer has started at last

It feels like summer has finally arrived, well it certainly felt like it today, not only has the sun shone all day but also it has been manic all day, we have hardly stopped to take a breath, There has been a steady flow of customers on to the wharf, our diesel has certainly taken a battering and the wharf has kept both myself, David and Ralph on our toes!

I was down in Southampton this weekend and it was the same down there, the solent was packed with boats, at one point you could hardly see the horizon for sails, it was a fantastic sight, it was like a giant pond full of toy sailing boats, I would not like to be the skipper of a large container ship or a cruise liner trying to navigate through a sea of little sailing boats all darting in front of you, at least with the canal you only pass one another in a straight line, you don't often have to take evasive action to avoid a collision!

I have hardly seen the lads today as they have all been up to their respective necks in and on different boats around the yard, they have all been really busy, Cheryl has also been really busy but she has had the help of Nat over the busy period today; David is off on his holidays again from tomorrow, he is off boating down to the National rally at Burton on Trent so I suspect that Angela and I will be busy while he is away sunning himself.

That's it from me for today as I need to be away on time tonight as i need to drop Matt and Nat off to collect boat that is coming up here to be put on to brokerage so until tomorrow.

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