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Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunny Monday

The morning started at 6.00 am for me as it usually does at this time of year, the infernal birds were singing and the sun was shining which does make a nice start to the morning, it has been a mixed bag of weather today though, no rain fortunately, a bit cloudy at time but generally it has been a lovely afternoon.

We had two day boats go out first thing this morning and they have all enjoyed a nice day out on the water, they have returned with out issue, no boats out tomorrow at the moment so no rush tonight in turning them around, the shop was busy first thing this morning and so was the wharf but it went a bit quiet in the afternoon which gave us the chance to catch up with a few outstanding jobs, the second hand boats have been a bit slow this year and we are seeing prices being reduced right across the country at the moment, we are no different and have had to drop some of our prices to stay competitive with other brokers, take a look at our website for some cracking good deals on pre-owned boats at the moment.

Ralph has been kept busy all day with blacking, show rounds, wharf duties etc, Mick has been tied up most of the day (not literally) on a re plumbing and fitting a new calorifier, Graham has been welding all day on the re cabin job and Lee has been doing a rectification job on a cabin side which went all funny, he is also showing Matt the ropes, Matt is our new painter.

That's about it from me for today, well not completely, once I have shut up shop here I have to go over to Alvechurch to view a boat, no rest for the wicked!

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