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Friday, 29 July 2011

Grey Friday

The good weather broke last night and it became overcast and this morning it started off a grey old day, it has even tried to rain on and off through out the day, we have had several shared boats turning around today, several services to complete and some engine mountings to replace on one boat, that has kept Bernard and Mick busy today, Graham has been kept bust hacking the steel work around on Pheasey as well as welding the new stern tube assembly in to the boat on the dock
and Fred has been up to his usual antics with pumping out all of the boats, he did have to have a sit down today as he wasn't feeling to clever, He was alright after a kip!!

As well as the usual turnarounds we have had two day boats go out, a delivery of batteries, a breakdown on a diesel heater, a full tea room and loads of people in for diesel and wharf services, Cheryl has been reorganising the chandlery and making some improvements, its looking much better! Lorraine has been doing a bit of everything in the shop and in the laundry, Angela has been beavering away with paperwork, I am sure she is boggle eyed at the end of the day, Amy has been cleaning boats all day and I have been doing paperwork(yawn)

That's it from me for today, it will be me again tomorrow as David is off enjoying himself at the National rally in Burton on Trent.

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