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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Its turnaround day!

Saturdays are turnaround day for our hire boats, it does seem to come around quickly although I don't always see them as its usually my day off but this week I am in because David is on his holidays, The sun was out early this morning and it was a stunning start to the day, when I left for work however there was a slight nip in the air, it did go a bit over cast as the morning panned out but this afternoon turned out to be a glorious day and remained the same for the rest of the day which is good for the new holiday makers, All of the boats returned without incident and we saw three day boats out for a 'jolly' first thing, the hire boats have all gone off for another week or so except one boat who's occupants were running late so we have to do that one in the morning, I do hope the weather stays fine for them all.

After all of the boats were turned around Fred, Ralph and Billy started to strip the contents out of a boat that has just been bought and will be up for sale shortly, its amazing just how much stuff is left on boats by their previous owners, some of it is very useful and some is total rubbish but it still needs to be removed. Billy and Ralph did a great job of showing all of the customers out on the boats so they are all off for a nice weeks cruise, Micky did a few jobs around the yard and tied up a few loose ends on some outstanding jobs, Graham carried on butchering while Bernard finished off the stern gear job.

The day boats all returned on time and without incident and everyone had a fantastic day, Freddie turned them around and they are ready for another day out tomorrow.

That's it from me for today.

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