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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What happened to Tuesday?

It started off this morning looking like it was going to be a quiet day, How wrong was I? I looked up and it was lunch time, I grabbed a very quick sandwich made by Jay who hasn't been quite as busy today as the girls were yesterday but he has been kept busy by sorting out some really good 'specials' for the menu, It has been a very productive day, we have booked a fantastic amount of last minute deals on our day boats and especially our hire boats, I have even sold another boat today, Costafortune has now been sold to a lovely couple from Devon, the boat is staying with us for a while so they can get used to boating on the canals. Over the last week we have had a fantastic run on selling boats and believe it or not we have sold four boats in less than a week, we are seriously running out of boats to sell.

The weather has been kind to us today as well and it has been sunny all day over Norbury with not a cloud in the sky, I had a busy night last night,I had to drop Matt and Nat down to Shardlow to collect a boat, while there I decided to take the boat around the Trent and on to the lower part of the Trent and Mersey canal, It took a bit longer than anticipated and I didn't get home until well after ten o'clock last night, still I did enjoy cruising on a part of the canal that I haven't visited for many years, I was amazed as where ever you seem to go nowadays there seems to be a new marina that has sprung up, I am not sure when the marina was built down there but I don't remember it when I last boated down there around eleven years ago! The boat went reasonable well and has a gorgeous traditional Russel Newbury engine that sounds absolutely lovely, it will be a boat going up for sale when it returns so if you are looking for a cheap boat which needs some love and attention but has a sound beating heart that has only done 350 hours! yes I did say 350 hours, The boat has a superb spec, and even has a built in diesel generator, albeit it needs a lot of sorting!

Just looking at the clock and it is now four o'clock, I have been writing this blog for ages on and off, I still have plenty to do today before I head off for a quick meeting after I lock up tonight so that's it from me for today.

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