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Thursday, 14 July 2011

A bit slow today

I am referring to me in the title this time, I was out last night until late and had much more to drink than I should have done so I have been a bit slow today! Not that it really slows me down, I still work at my normal manic speed! The weather on the other hand was not slow in coming out and the sun has been shining since first light this morning, it has been a beautiful day here at Norbury but a bit on the quiet side again, I think its a sign of the times!

All the lads that have been in today have been kept busy doing their usual jobs, Freddie blacking, cutting grass and general jobs around the yard, Bernard making mooring pins and fitting new alternators and drive plates, Matt and Lee painting, Lorraine has been kept busy in the shop while David has been changing and altering hire boat prices for August, If you are considering hiring a boat then take a look at our website for some amazing deals, Next week for instance you can get a boat at half its normal price! I have been in meetings for a good proportion of the day with either BWB or suppliers.

No rest for the wicked as I have another boat that I have to go and view tonight over in Shardlow so I am off now.

Until tomorrow

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