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Thursday, 21 July 2011

me again

hi all, it's me again, ange, no one has written the blog today :( so i'll write it.
i haven't got a clue what has been going on at norbury today as i have been on my day off, i have played 18 holes of golf and lost 1 ball, surprised i didn't hit someone with it, i was in the bunker on the 13th hole from a brilliant tee shot, we have to give 50p to charity if we land in the bunker:) used my sand wedge to hit the ball out and it went straight through the hedge on the far side of the green:( lost the ball, there were too many nettles and mark got stung trying to retrieve it so we left it where it was, i just watched him trying to find it, i didn't lose a shot though cos i cheat, nice par:), got back and walked dylan our cuuuuute basset hound and then we all enjoyed an indian for tea, then put feet up to watch the soaps, what will happen to james on corrie, you'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out, that's it from my day, fred webster look forward to seeing you on saturday ;)

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