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Sunday, 17 July 2011

What a busy day!

I apologise that I didn’t blog yesterday. I did start writing one about 5pm but didn’t get around to finishing it with one thing and another!

We turned around six boats yesterday. That kept everyone busy! Poor Fred did have some issues with the pumpout machine, which slowed him down tremendously. I think it’s about time that we have it to bits and inspect the veins.

We also had two dayboats out, they were a merry bunch; one party on both boats, who despite the rain, really enjoyed their day out and about!

Unfortunately Graham managed to get something in his eye on Friday, so he wasn’t about yesterday following a visit to the hospital.

Bernard did a couple of services on our hire boats and then had to go to Wolverhampton to sort out a boat that Becks has now brought back for us. She rang me in the morning to say that the boat was losing power when the revs were selected at anything above tickover. She popped into a couple of boatyards that she passed and to her amazement (and ours) they either didn’t have an engineer onsite at weekends or they didn’t stock Isuzu filters! Anyway, as she was able to still make progress I suggested that she kept going and Bernard would meet her in Broad Street Basin. Bernard arrived back at the yard at about 6 – which did make him a bit late home!

The girls once again did a sterling job of turning the boats around.

And now to today…

Today we have had two day boats out too. Both parties took advantage of our special offer that we offer to all of our dayboaters. A bacon or sausage sandwich for just £1.99 or add an extra filling for £1.00!

Ralph and I docked Cornish this morning and Ralph has pressure washed her off and cleaned the dock out. Cornish is one of the boats that we sold earlier this year. The chap that owns her is really chuffed with her and so he should be. It is his first boat and he really does have a passion for the canals – he must have been “bitten by the bug”!

Mick had to go to a breakdown over at Sandon on the Trent and Mersey this morning. It was a private boat and one of the coolant hoses had perished, meaning that the occupants were losing water out of the engine and into the bilges.

I’ve finished reducing the prices of our hire boats, for the weeks that are unbooked during the school holidays. They can all be viewed here – I’m sure you will agree that they are VERY competitive!

We made the headlines again on Thursday! published a short press release that we sent to them. View it here

That's about it for today, over to Simon again tomorrow. Have a good week :-)



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