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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Early start

I thought that I would start the blog quite early this morning as I was in early and it is nice and quiet, I sat at home this morning and looked out and I can honestly say that it was a stunning morning, there was due on the grass giving it a silvery appearance and a slight mist just hovering on the fields but by the time I left home the sun had well and truly started beating down its rays and it had all gone, the sun is beating down on Norbury as I write this part of the blog and the sky is blue over Norbury, its gonna be a nice day!

It was a slow start this morning, it was very quiet on the wharf until nearly lunch time but the sun has bought the people out and the tea room has been busy ever since, the wharf has remained quiet though which has given Fred the chance to catch up on some maintenance around the yard and on some of the kit that we have, one job that he hates doing is repairing punctures, you would not believe the amount of punctures we end up with in trolleys and wheel barrows, they are used by customers who want to carry some heavier goods to their boats if they are not on our wharf, I reckon they must clock up a few hundred miles every year carrying batteries, gas, coal and the like, so they need looking after. Fred has had no boats to black today as we have a boat on the dock for a new stern tube assembly so that has kept Bernard busy for most of the day, while graham has been hacking and cutting on Pheasey, Graham had to leave early today as his little girl needed to be rushed in to hospital, I do hope she is OK.

I popped up the moorings today and I am really pleased with how they are looking, I have to say that they are going to be superb when they eventually get finished, I am not complaining about the time scales because it is such a big job, it will just be nice to see the whole thing finished though!

That's about it from me for today, so until tomorrow.

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