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Monday, 4 July 2011


What an amazing few days it has been, I was lucky as I was down on the South coast this weekend and the weather was unbelievable, Unfortunately I didn't take enough precautions and I am now suffering from being rather sun burnt! Take heed people, if you are out on boats in the sun put plenty of sun cream on as the sun reflects off the water so you almost get double the effect of the sun! Today started off a Little grey but it soon picked up and the sun has been beating down on the wharf all day, lets hope that this is here to stay.

I had some bad news on Friday from Lee (Smurf) My painter who has been with me since before I started Norbury, His family moved to Norbury not long after I took over the place and rented one of my cottages, His dad who's health has been deteriorating for some time popped in of Friday to say that he had no option but to move closer to his family, unfortunately Lee doesn't drive so he also moving away and has got to leave his job, he is very upset about it but has no choice, It will be a great shame as he has painted a lot of boats and did a superb job, he will be sorely missed, Fortunately the paint jobs will continue to be done to the same high quality, We have Matt joining us, he came to Norbury some time ago to buy a boat and has done some jobs for us in the past, He is a time served painter so his work will equally be as good as Lee's was.

Its been quiet on the canal today, we have seen a few boats on the wharf, not many considering the weather, It will soon be manic though when the children break up for their holidays, Ralph has been blacking today as usual, Mick has had to go on another breakdown which is miles away! Graham is making good progress on the new cabin replacement and Lee is busy preparing a roof for a re paint, Its been busy in the tea room which has kept Jay busy, we haven't had any day boats out today so Steve has been using one of them as a work boat taking timber up the moorings for the works that he is currently doing.

That's it from me for today.

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