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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

And what the hell happened to Wednesday?

I thought that yesterday was busy, well after today I was wrong, We have been that busy that we have had to have a mid week diesel delivery! That is a first this year, we have another delivery booked for Friday so don't worry we wont be running out!

We have docked two boats today, one for survey and one to have a complete stern tube assembly fitted as the old one was well and truly past its sell by date so that has kept Bernard and Fred busy up until lunch time, Graham has been busy hacking Pheasey around, Pheasey is a little boat that we are doing a lot of work on at the moment, as well as blacking, modifying most of the steel work we have to give the boat a full paint job so that will keep everyone occupied for a while, as well as that job we also have several other jobs currently in progress, Mick is on his two days off and when he gets back he will finish the wiring on Cornish, that will make Nigel (the owner) a happy boater! The girls in the Tea room have worked their cotton socks off today and the the shop has been buzzing all day with folk enjoying ice creams and sitting around on the wharf watching the action, well that's if you can call boats going by at 3mph action?

That's it from me for tonight so until tomorrow

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