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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

No drive today

The title is a little misleading, It isn't me that has no drive today, its some of my customers, they are a bit like buses, we don't see any broken alternators or drive plates for ages and then all of a sudden they come in the Masses, well three to be exact, a broken drive plate on a boat that had to be towed here from just up the moorings, a boat that had lost its drive on Sunday and had to be towed here from the other side of Market Drayton, that one is a bit more serious as it needs a new gear box and another that has a drive plate on its way out and desperately needs a new one before that breaks down , so you can see its been a day without much drive!

The wharf has been a bit quieter today, although Mick has been kept busy fitting new batteries, deck boards and generally tatting around the yard doing some outstanding jobs, Bernard has been doing engine servicing, removing gearboxes and making some new mooring pins for our moorings, Fred has been blacking and tidying the yard and the dry dock, Jay has been helping me in reception all day which has left Cheryl to look after the Tea room and she has done an excellent job, all in all quite a busy day but then Angela is off on her holidays (lucky sod) and David is on his two days off so you do feel it a bit more when you are staff down.

That's it from me for today, until tomorrow folks.

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