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Monday, 1 August 2011

Thanks Ange!

A big thank you to Angela for taking the time to write up a much better blog than I did yesterday, as she said we were very busy all day! I do think that Angela should learn much more about the whole job at Norbury and that includes pump outs, LOL I feel a training session coming up LOL

It started a grey day today, it rained in the night which will make my infernal garden grow like mad again, I could easily just concrete the lot over and put some potted plants on it, I do love a nice garden however I hate the time and commitment that is involved with its up keep! The sun did start to shine first thing this morning which gave a nice mist over the woods and fields but it was short lived as the clouds soon blocked it out, this has made it a humid day today at Norbury!

Things got off to a busy start, three day boats out first thing, that kept Micky and Ralph busy for a while, a few boats on the wharf for diesel and pump outs, a boat valuation and a boat that wanted a diesel filler cap fitting, It has remained busy all day, I have had several customers in to either collect boats or drop boats off for work to be done and I have had the owner of the 70footer in to discuss the paint scheme for his boat that we have just started striping down, Matt will be working on that for the next few weeks, I will try and get some photos of the boat as things progress, Talking of Matt his dad has a rather nice horse and gypsy caravan that has been on display on the wharf over the weekend, he is collecting for the first responders charity, sorry no photos as yet, there might be some coming soon as I suspect he will be back.

Peter Underwood is back with us for a wee while, Peters boat if you don't know is called Blackberry way, he gets all over the country on his boat and he is a regular contributor to many waterways press releases, we have him here as a guest and we will no doubt have some work to do on his boat while he is here.

That's it from me for another day.

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