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Monday, 22 August 2011

It's Monday!

My Mum and Dad brought the Ant down from Wheaton Aston yesterday and we went upto the Anchor last night for a rendezvous. Sue joined us with Thea and Michael came over for the evening. A good night was had by all!

Sue, Michael and I left the Anchor early this morning as the mist was rising off of the canal. A sure sign of a good day to follow. The cutting can be a bit eerie that time in the morning, but I was on tea duty whilst Sue daggered back… After breakfast Michael headed back to London (hopefully he didn’t get caught in the V festival traffic) and Sue’s now headed off to the Chesterfield Canal.

It’s been a busy day again today. Busier than an average Monday, with a couple of private breakdowns, normal services on the wharf and the day-to-day chores. The weather has kept fine, although rain has been promised L

Bernard has been in today to make headway on the engine that he has been fitting and Graham has been doing some welding and fabrication jobs on a couple of boats.

That’s it from me today.

Catchya tomorrow.

Regards, David.

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