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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Last Post

This is my last post on the blog for a few days as I am having a holiday, I havent had a holiday in August for about 10 years but this year I have to book my holidays in line with my partners holidays so that is why I am off, And yep you guessed it I am off boating again, I just hope the weather stays good as I am fed up with making plans and then being disapointed that I cant carry them out because of the weather.

There was a definite nip in the air this morning when I left home, it was early though, the sun has come out and it has been a lovely day here at Norbury, we had three day boats go out first thing this morning so they have again picked a good day for boating, all the lads have been busy with their respective jobs and Bernard has had to go out on few breakdowns, one of our boats wouldnt start this morning and a private boat with a broken gear cable, that has kept him busy for most of the day, we have seen quite a few boats on the wharf again for services which has kept Fred out of mischief, later on today saw David, Fred, Steve and Aaron load up the day boats with timber and sand, gravel and cement for the moorings work, David was in his element as he really does like messing with boats, its not quite the same as loading an old working boat but it is still messing with boats, talking of the moorings they are now looking brilliant and they are nearly full with boats, Steve is making excellent progress with them and is about a third of the way down them now, he will slow down a bit now as he is coming to some really tricky bits.

Well that is it from me for this week, Daivd will keep you entertained until my return.


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