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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Charity auctions.

We received a letter of thanks earlier in the week, which I have posted on our testimonials page within our website, but I thought that I would expand on it today.

We regularly contribute the hire of one of our day boats for charity auctions and events. We have also recently donated one weeks holiday hire to one of our local pubs, the Haberdashers Arms at Knighton. This will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to the Air Ambulance. In actual fact we were asked to present all of the prices at this years “Potato Club” charity auction over the bank holiday weekend, but unfortunately Simon will be on holiday and it isn’t really my cup of tea! But it is a privilege to be asked.

Here’s a copy of the thank you letter that we received from Rosemary Longden, Chairman of the Staffordshire Luncheon Club for Macmillan Cancer Support.

“Thank you for the support that you kindly gave to the Luncheon for Macmillan Cancer Support, held at Befcote on Sunday 31st July. The event was a great success and we raised in the region of £3,000.00 on the day. My thanks again”.

If you are holding a charity event and would like an auction prize, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We had three day boats out this morning. After they left Mick and Ralph docked a private boat and Ralph has pressure washed it off, ready to receive some hull blacking tomorrow. Mick has been “fitting up” a boat – that’s putting the exterior furniture back on following painting ie. Mushroom vents.

There have been a few boats through and on the wharf today for diesel, pumpout, gas etc. which Ralph and I have looked after between us.

Jay, Cheryl and Jack have been kept busy in the tea room whilst Ange and I have looked after the shop and manned the phones. Ange has also caught up on the washing from yesterday!

My parent’s are over from Spain tomorrow, so I am looking forward to an enjoyable couple of weeks with them…

That’s everything to report from Norbury today.

Catchya next week!

Best regards,


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