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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Worth reading!

After my post yesterday all about FAME and how it will affect boats I decided that it would be a good idea to start stocking a range of additives that will help to stop some of the problems arising, we now stock a range of products called 'Exocet' from reading the information supplied it looks very good indeed, I have used it in my own boat, I have had no problems at all since using it! They supply 6 different products;

A fuel conditioner which inhibits microbiological contamination, prevents water pick up, improves power and smooth running, protects fuel pumps and injectors.

An anti bug additive which prevents bugs at maintenance dose, will kill bugs within 24 hours with a 'kill' dose, which will avoid blocked filters.

A power restorer which restores maximum power, removes injector lacquers.

A fuel store additive which keeps fuel fresh for up to two years, reduces varnishes and deposits, prevents bugs.

An anti wax additive which will keep engines working down to -18 degrees, changes the wax structure, inhibits filter blocking.

A fragrance additive which enhances the atmosphere of accommodation, inhibits impregnation of gas oil fumes in to furnishings and clothing.

We are not stocking every product as yet but we are stocking the most important ones, I can order the others and get them the next day if so required, I can tell you that we will be using them in our fleet of boats and especially the 'fuel store' come the winter months.

I am a bit sceptical of the Perfume however but then that may be a case of a product designed specifically for the lady boaters? I will try some and report back when I have trialed it.

It has been an amazingly busy day today, just like it was back in 2005 and before the recession kicked in, I have never seen so many boats on our wharf, it has kept Fred flat out all day, we had to have two deliveries of fuel last week, and early one this week and we will be having another one tomorrow, that's how busy we are! We have had also an amazing run on boat sales, I sold two boats yesterday, one in the afternoon and the other one at 5.30 just as I was about to go home! We desperately need more boats to sell so if you have one that you are thinking of selling give us a call.

That's it from me for today, David will probably do the blog tomorrow as I should not be here, but you never know!


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