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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winter is definatley on its way!

You might think, "oh he is just moaning because its getting chiller in the morning" however I know that winter is on its way because today it snowed! only kidding, today I place my order for winter fuels, IE coal, Taybrite, Excel and Anthracite to keep you boaters lovely and warm over the winter months, There used to be an advantage to buying in at 'summer' prices however these days it doesn't come down in the summer like it used to do but it just seems to keep going up, by ordering in a large quantities like I do I can keep my prices very competitive and for a much longer period, so if you are looking for some very good smokeless fuels drop us a line.

The weather has been a mixed bag again today and this morning it was indeed quite cold, the sun has put in an appearance today and this afternoon turned out to be quite nice however as I writ the blog it has gone overcast and nippy again, but the wind is whistling through Norbury at an almost alarming pace, You know when it is windy when you can hear it whistling outside, it sounds gale force, i do hope it drops before Friday as I am supposed to be boating myself!

Talking of winter and winter fuels I had to order some Kerosene for my central heating at home, thankfully I only use around 500 gallons a year,that's 2250Litres for the younger ones out there! I checked the price of last years oil and it was 43.9 PPL and now it is 56.6 PPL, it doesn't sound much of an increase but this is the reality of that, 2250L now costs a staggering £285.75 more than it did last year! People wonder why everything is going up, its simples, its because of the cost of fuel, it affects everything! Again talking about fuel and its prices you will be glad to know that our red diesel has just had a massive reduction, it is now............................................................ sorry folks you will have to pop in to find out!

We have had a seriously busy day here again today, The lads have all been kept busy on there individual jobs, the wharf has also been busy and I have even managed to sell another boat today, the girls have been kept busy today as well in the tea room and the shop. Roll on the weekend!

That's it from me for today, David is back tomorrow and he will keep you up to date for a couple of days while I am off.


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