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Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Blues

The title should read 'Monday grey's' Whats happened? the weather has turned horrible, it rained last night which was good as the air needed clearing and it helps to keep the dust down but today is grey, overcast, cold and miserable, I was speaking to one of our hirer's today who were reporting that it rained heavily all night and that they have been motoring on through the rain all day today, at least we have missed it so far today, the odd slight shower but nothing serious!

Not much to report on today, its been a quiet day, considering that its still the children's holidays and how manic it was last week I thought that today would be much of the same, I was wrong, its even been a bit quieter on the wharf today! Maybe tomorrow will be different again!

The lads have been up to their usual jobs, Matt painting, Ralph on the wharf and preparing a roof for a repaint, Mick doing lots of on different boats and he also had a moderator toilet to un block, see its not just me that gets the s**t jobs! I like to share!! Graham is now on the re cabin job, that will keep him busy for a few weeks, Jay has been quieter today which has given him the chance to catch up om some other jobs around the shop.

That's it from me for today, so until tomorrow

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