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Sunday, 21 August 2011

A normal Sunday

Driving to work this morning the sun had started to show it's face following the rain that we had in the night. The sky was really blue and while we were docking a boat for a survey I was down to short sleeves and would have even worn a pair of shorts if I had some with me! It was lovely! The wind had then picked up by lunchtime, but it has remained pleasant.

Ralph showed the three dayboats out this morning. Two went down to Wheaton Aston, the other to the Wharf at Goldstone. All three have just returned following a brilliant day out. He has then pressure washed a boat that we have on for blacking and is now turning the dayboats around.

I've done a number of pump outs, diesel fill ups etc. on the wharf (yes Fred, I'm doing your job!).

The tea room has been busy and has been manned by Lorraine, Jay and Cheryl whilst Ange and I have looked after the office and the shop.

All-in-all it's been a normal Sunday! That's it from me today.

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