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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

FAME at last!

The title is not what you would expect, it is about FAME but not in a good way and not about being famous, its all about the FAME additive that is now being added to red diesel, For those that don't know, FAME stands for fatty acid methyl ester and it is basically a BIO fuel, a small percentage is being added to some red diesel that you are now buying, this started on the 1st January 2011, no one really knows what the long term affect will be on diesel engines but it is reported that some engines will experience problems if they have been using the diesel with this additive, The reason for this post is this; We had a boat in a few weeks ago with a fuel leak from its injector pump, it was an older Kabota engine and the seals had all gone in the pump causing the diesel to leak straight in to the oil sump, this can have a devastating impact on the engine if left and not rectified, the engine can ultimately blow up, I had a phone call from a friend who has a large hire fleet and he is now reporting that several of his boats are now starting to suffer with these same symptoms! I must that at stress at present that WE DO NOT SELL DIESEL WITH THE FAME ADDITIVE, I can not afford for our hire boats to start developing problems! There are also other long term problems that this additive will cause and that is it is reported to breakdown if left in diesel tanks for any length of time, we have been informed that if you use a fuel additive such as fuel set this should help with this problem, needless to say that we do sell it and this year we have seen a massive growth in the sales of this, I would strongly recommend that it is used ever time you fill up with diesel, Its only about a tenner and it should save you having problems.

The day started off with brilliant sunshine and it has remained so all day, in fact it is reported to be the hottest day so far and I can really believe it, its been glorious today!

First thing we saw two day boats go out, what a superb day they have picked! the boat on the dock has been refloated and another one has been put on for blacking and anodes which Fred has pressure washed off, Bernard has been engine servicing and Graham has been making a new instrument housing for a boat, fitting anodes and also cutting off a cabin that needs replacing on a burnt out boat, the wharf has been much quieter today but the shop has seen a fair amount of traffic which has kept the girls busy in the tea room. I have been busy today, aswell as the usual day to day stuff I have had two boats craned in to the water that are to be put on to brokerage, here are a couple of photos

David Is back tomorrow so I will be off this weekend for a well earned break, well apart from having to go up to Yorkshore to look at a boat and loads of stuff to catch up with at home.

Thats if from me for today.

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