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Sunday, 7 August 2011


The weather has been a bit changeable here at Norbury today. Bright sunshine to heavy rain and then the sun comes out again – don’t you just love good old British weather?

Anyway, the sun will be shining from tomorrow evening as I am off boating again after work for two days J. I shall be heading from the Northampton area down into North London, so if you are on the Grand Union, keep your eyes peeled! It’s in my blood – I can’t help it…

We had two dayboats out this morning, who both pottered off down to Wheaton Aston and arrived back by the required time of 4.30 this afternoon. There is a good reason for the boats returning before the end of the day. The girls have to go onto the boats upon their return to clean them and the lads to check the engines and equipment over you see.

Mick and I docked Bukittinggi this morning, which is one of the boats that we have had up for sale. Following this morning’s survey, the sale is now complete and the new owner is over the moon with his new purchase. Mick has been doing bits and pieces on all manor of boats today. Unfortunately one of our regular customers forgot to leave his keys behind for the work that should have been completed on his boat whilst he is enjoying Wales!

Ange, Jay, Jack and Lorraine have been kept occupied in the shop and tea room today and Lorraine has also finished off the last of the washing from the turnrounds over the weekend.

I’ve been trying to get the four boats advertised that we have had come in for sale. The advertising is now all done and I will make it go ‘live’ tomorrow – so keep your eyes peeled for some REAL bargains!

I’ve been multitasking as I write this blog. I’ve been talking to my Mum and Dad on the phone who live in Spain – it’s alright Simon don’t panic, it is nearly 6pm…

Well back to Simon tomorrow, I’m sure that he will find plenty of interesting topics to keep you all religiously reading each day.

Until next week.

Best regards,


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